Summer Crochet and Knitting

Don’t put your hooks and knitting needles away just because it’s warm outside. Wondering what to crochet and / or knit in the summer months when the weather is too warm for working on blankets, hats and scarves? It’s the perfect time to knit and crochet small projects like jewelry, flowers, potholders, dishcloths, washcloths and headbands. If you need some ideas, inspiration and patterns to work on this summer, these suggestions for summer crochet and knitting projects will help.

Crochet Flowers

Summer is a fantastic time for crocheting beautiful blooms. A few of my favorite possibilities are pictured in the photos above. I’ll hook you up with some links to the free patterns for these:

Small Popcorn Flower — This little flower is crocheted using a slightly modified version of the popcorn stitch. It’s only two rounds, and it works up pretty quickly. I’ve been endlessly fascinated by this design; I think it’s cute on its own, but it’s even more fun layering it on top of other flowers to make interesting three-dimensional blossoms.

Sunflower Granny Square — A pretty sunflower is the focal point of this touchable, richly textured, three-dimensional granny square.

Flat Crochet Sunflower Applique — This sunflower is a much simpler design. It lays flat and is ideal for stitching to other projects.

Crochet Flowers Step-By-Step
Crochet Flowers Step-By-Step

Looking for a beginner-friendly crochet pattern book that will teach you how to crochet three-dimensional, textured flowers that resemble real flowers? If so, Crochet Flowers Step-By-Step is a book you’ll want to take a look at. The book includes step-by-step tutorials, patterns and instructions for crocheting realistic-looking flowers such as roses, lilies, marigolds and pansies. You’ll also find patterns and instructions for crocheting eye-catching leaves that match the flowers perfectly. The book also includes some patterns for finished projects that will allow you to make good use of your flowers.

Flower Loom Crochet

Flower loom crochet is one of the hottest new craft trends for summer 2019. How it works: You use fiber (yarn, crochet thread, twine, ribbon, etc) plus a flower loom to make the loveliest imaginable flowers. Then you crochet around the flowers to create motifs. You can use the motifs the same way you would use any other crocheted motif; join a bunch of them together to make just about any type of crochet project including blankets, scarves, shawls, baby clothes, bags, purses, pillows, potholders and more. If you want to give this technique a try, there are two books I highly recommend:

Dishcloths and Washcloths

Dishcloths and washcloths are useful items to make at any time of year, but they’re ideal as summertime crochet and knitting projects. They can be finished quickly, and most don’t require any complicated shaping. You can use a wide variety of different stitches to make a dishcloth or washcloth — from basic to fancy. You might enjoy any of the following dishcloth patterns:


Small jewelry-making projects are summertime favorites. Wire is a wonderful material to crochet or knit with in the summer time. If you’d be interested in learning wire crochet, we invite you to choose a wire crochet jewelry pattern from our collection; or you might prefer to make a set of wire crochet napkin rings.

Free crochet patterns are available for all of the jewelry projects pictured here:

Summer Crochet Patterns for Girls

Imagical Seasons Crochet Books by Alla Koval
Imagical Seasons Crochet Books by Alla Koval

If you enjoy crocheting for girls or working crochet lace designs, I think you’re going to be really excited to discover this gorgeous collection of summer-friendly crochet lace patterns. Alla Koval designed each of these patterns specifically with little girls in mind. If you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, or friend who’s in need of some new summertime clothing, accessories or bedspreads / lace blankets, this book is definitely worth checking out:

Christmas Patterns

Christmas might be the furthest thing from your mind in the summertime, but it’s actually the ideal time to work on your holiday projects. If you tackle your Christmas projects now, you’ll have a lot less stress when the holiday season is upon you.

I make most of my own Christmas projects during the summer months, and I live without air conditioning. As a result, most of my Christmas projects are summer-friendly things that won’t overheat you if you want to grab them on your way out the door to the beach, a picnic or a barbecue. You can relax, sit in the sun, converse with friends and crochet or knit a bit at the same time. You’ll feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment if you have bunches of your holiday gifts made by the time the month of August is complete.

Crochet Motif Patterns

Crochet motifs are favorite summertime crochet projects. They’re typically lightweight, portable and easy to finish quickly — just the sort of crochet project you need to toss in a tote bag and take along to the beach, swimming pool or park with you.

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Of course, there are many other types of projects you might want to knit or crochet in the summer time. If you didn’t find a suitable project on the list above, you’re sure to find one on our list of knitting and crochet patterns — or perhaps on our list of the best knitting pattern books or list of the best crochet pattern books. Thank you so much for your interest in our knitting and crochet website. We appreciate it that you dropped by today.

About the Author: Amy Solovay is a freelance writer with a background in textile design. She has been crocheting and crafting since childhood, and knitting since she was a teenager. Her work also appears at, and Amy sends out a free knitting and crochet newsletter so interested crafters can easily keep up with her new patterns and tutorials. If you’re already an Instagram user, Amy also invites you to follow her on Instagram.

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