Submissions How to Share Your Knitting and Crochet Work With Our Readers

We Are Currently Accepting the Following Submissions for Promotion on Our Website:

1. Projects Made From Our Patterns and Charts:

Please submit the following:

Crafter’s name

Blog / Website if you have one you would like us to link to. (No social media accounts — blog / website only.)

Project photo

Written permission from the photographer to post the photo at

The story of the project: What materials did you use to crochet it? Who is it for? How did it turn out? Where is it now?

Did you make any modifications to the pattern? If so, what did you do differently?

Please contact Amy by email to submit. Thanks!

2. Wire Crochet Patterns and / or Project Tutorials

Are you an experienced pattern designer? Have you posted any patterns or step-by-step tutorials on your blog or website teaching others how to crochet projects with wire? If so, please submit up to 3 of your best projects for possible link love and promotion from our website. We plan to promote selected patterns and tutorials from our page about the wire crochet technique, and possibly from other pages on our website that would be a good fit.

Deadline for Immediate Promotion: January 19, 2014. Feel free to email submissions after this date, but after the 19th they will not be a high priority for me, and will be considered on a when-I-get-around-to-it basis.

What to submit:

Project Name

Project Description

Designer’s Name

URL /link to the web page where the tutorial can be found online.

Crochet Skill Level Rating

Pattern Price

Quote from the designer about the project. You’re intimately acquainted with the project, and we aren’t — so tell us something interesting about it that we might not be aware of, or something that might not be obvious to us without your guidance. You could use this area to tell us about your inspiration for the piece, or give us some tips about how we could wear or use such a piece if we decide to make one using your pattern or tutorial.

Example #1: Jane Doe says, “This wire crochet voodoo doll was inspired by my sixth grade algebra teacher. She had about as much personality as the wire I used for crocheting this piece.”

Example #2: Jane Doe says, “I fill this wire crochet basket with fruit and use it as my table centerpiece when I entertain friends for brunch. It gets compliments every time.”

Example #3: Jane Doe says, “This wire crochet necklace would be a fantastic way to accessorize a little black cocktail dress for nights out on the town. It’s also suitable for weddings, prom or other dressy occasions.”

Photo of Project

Photographer’s Name

Written permission from photographer to post the photo at; written permission to crop, resize and / or modify the photo to fit into our layout at, including the possible addition of the project name, description and / or copyright information. These permissions can be emailed separately, directly from the photographer, if you are not the photographer of the picture you are submitting.

Optional: A brief bio of the designer, specifically explaining her or his experience with wire crochet, and possibly including additional details about her / his most significant accomplishments as a crochet / knitting / needlework / craft pattern designer.

Optional, but Appreciated: Link / URL where readers can go to get pattern support for this pattern if needed

Optional: Terms of Use for This Pattern

Optional: Your answers to the questions “What is the best wire to use for wire crochet?” “Why do you think this particular wire is the best?”

We’re creating a separate page where wire crochet enthusiasts pool our resources to answer these questions in hopes of enlightening less experienced crocheters, and helping them get started with this technique.

Your answer to this question would appear on this page, perhaps formatted something like this:

Jane Doe prefers 26 gauge copper craft wire. Jane says, ‘blah blah blah blah blah, insert additional comments here.’

Some of Jane’s wire crochet projects are posted at the following places online:

  • Project link #1
  • Project link #2
  • Project link #3
  • Jane’s website
  • Jane’s blog

Please contact Amy by email to submit.

Thanks so much for your submissions! I look forward to sharing your lovely work with my readers.

P.S. I plan to do more link love and promotion of my fellow designers’ work in the future. Would you like to be sure of receiving invitations to submit your work for promotion? If so, you are invited to sign up for my knitting and crochet newsletter. At the time you sign up, please indicate that you are a pattern designer, so that you can be sure of receiving calls for submissions — plus any other updates which are specifically intended for pattern designers.

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