Setting the Table for Earth Day 2020

Setting the Table for Earth Day 2020 With Upcycled Wire Crochet Napkin Rings Made From Pull Tabs

For those of you who didn’t know, today — Wednesday, April 22, 2020 — is Earth Day. Happy Earth Day, everyone!

I’ve posted some lovely free patterns you can use for dressing up your Earth Day table, or any holiday table for that matter. Check ’em out!

Pull Tab Napkin Rings

This project calls for upcycling some pull tabs and transforming them into these beautiful napkin rings, which are pictured above. The instructions for these napkin rings are available online for free.

Fabric Crochet Coasters

You can upcycle old textiles such as sheets, sarongs or clothing and transform them into rag balls to use for knitting or crocheting. There are countless environmentally friendly projects you can make using these rag balls; I have a whole list of them (plus links to free patterns) on my page about fabric crochet. Some of my favorite fabric crochet projects are coasters you can use for proudly setting the table on Earth Day. Check out these fabric crochet flower coasters and these heart-shaped coasters for a couple of fantastic project ideas.

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