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Crochet Lite Crochet Hooks
Crochet Lite Crochet Hooks

See Your Stitches Better When You're Crocheting With Dark Yarn. Use a Light-Up Crochet Hook Like the Crochet Lite.
See Your Stitches Better When You’re Crocheting With Dark Yarn. Use a Light-Up Crochet Hook Like the Crochet Lite.

When I first heard about crochet hooks that light up, I thought the whole idea was silly nonsense. I was wrong. Oh, boy was I ever wrong.

For starters, light-up crochet hooks are the solution to a problem that drives a lot of crocheters crazy: usually, it’s hard to see your stitches when you crochet with dark yarns. When you use a light-up crochet hook, your stitch visibility is much improved.

I found some Crochet Lite hooks on sale at my local Joann craft store, and decided to give them a try.

I really, really like them. They aren’t perfect by any means, but overall they’re really great hooks.

For me, the biggest downside is that they feel flimsy. I haven’t ever broken one, but I feel as if I need to treat them gently — because they feel like they could break at any time.

Through use of these hooks, I have come to realize that I am not normally a gentle crocheter. I crochet quickly, and in the process I find that I often use my hook to tug and yank and pull.

Not with these hooks, though. I slow down and baby the Crochet Lites.

I’ve talked to a lot of crocheters who say they use these for crocheting in the dark. Bad idea. I don’t recommend it. Come on, people, it’s not like you can go to the new eye store and buy yourself a new pair of eyes. You have to take care of the pair you have. Crocheting in the dark is not good for your eyes, and no project is so important that you should put your eyesight at risk for it.

But, in a pinch, these crochet hooks can double as flashlights. I found that out one dark, difficult night when I was sailing in the Atlantic.

It had been storming for a couple of weeks, and the moon and stars were hidden from view. Our solar panels hadn’t been drawing enough power from the sun to be of any use. My headlamp batteries were dead. All the rechargeable batteries aboard our boat needed recharging. Our electronics were dead. Our oil lamps were still going, but they didn’t shed enough light in the right place for me to read the compass (the compass light was also dead) and navigate the boat. It was a scary situation.

Then I remembered that I had brand new, never-used batteries for my light-up crochet hooks. I got a hook out of my organizer, and used it for light to navigate with. It was powerful enough that I could see the compass just by holding the lit-up crochet hook close to it.

True story.

I hope you never find yourself in that sort of situation. But why not stick a couple of hooks in your purse or glove compartment, just in case you do? Because these hooks are as powerful as small flashlights — and they have more uses, plus they take up less space.

Well, OK, maybe that’s silly. Am I getting carried away? Please, at least carry a small flashlight — maybe put one on your keyring. Why not?

Even if you do, it doesn’t hurt to have a handy light-up crochet hook, and extra batteries, with you at all times either. I’m glad I had a few in my stash. They got me out of a real jam.

The batteries are easy to change, as I found out by changing them in the dark in a pitching, tossing, rocking sailboat. I picked up replacement batteries at Hobby Lobby, but the word on the street is that you can use hearing aid batteries for these hooks if you can’t find the branded ones that are packaged just for crocheters.

Overall, I think this is a worthwhile product, and I’m happy to recommend these hooks to other crocheters.

Where to Buy Crochet Lites Crochet Hooks

I checked several Internet retailers to see who had the best price on these. At the time I checked, Annie’s Attic had what looked like the best deal. However, that was without including shipping costs, which are impossible for me to estimate considering that I have no idea where you live, and how much shipping to your specific address would cost.

If there are several things you need to buy online, might offer you a better deal; at the time I checked, the price of the hook itself was a little higher, but if you order more than $35 worth of stuff together you would probably be eligible for free shipping if you’re shipping to an address in the USA. So the cost savings on shipping could end up more than outweighing the slightly higher price. Here’s the link to one of the Crochet Lites at Amazon.

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