7 Free Knit and Crochet Rag Bag Patterns Find Patterns and Tutorials for Knitting and Crocheting Tote Bags, Purses and Other Bags Using Fabric

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If you’re looking for ways to upcycle old textiles, rag bags are a good way to go. They don’t require as much of a commitment as rag rugs do, and they are useful to have around — beautiful too! The links below take you to a variety of interesting free rag bag patterns.

1. Rag Bag Tote

Crochet an Eco-Friendly Rag Bag for Earth Day or Any Day
Crochet an Eco-Friendly Rag Bag for Earth Day or Any Day

This tote bag makes a fantastic beach bag for use in the summer time. In fall and winter, it makes an excellent book bag for trips to and from the library or school.

This bag has a sleeker appearance than many of the “scrappy” rag bags you see around. Want to know the secret for how to accomplish that? Be sure to drop by my free pattern and tutorial; once you know how to do it you can apply the same technique to any of the other patterns you see listed here, if you like. Of course, it works both ways; if you’d rather make a scrappier rag bag you can certainly do that too.

2. Easy Peasy Rag Bag

You’ll crochet this rag bag using fabric strips and single crochet stitch. The bag is lined, and there is a separate tutorial for sewing the lining. These free tutorials are available at the Laughing Purple Goldfish blog.

3. Doona Cover Rag Bag

This blog post includes work-in-progress photos of the rag bag, with links to helpful info including tips for crocheting with rags. One neat thing about this bag: the designer included a pocket for her crochet hooks in the lining.

4.-7. Bundle of 4 Rag Bag Knitting Patterns by HeatherKnitz

These scrappy rag bags are knitted in fun, bright colors and accented with pretty ribbons. Soooooo cute! The designer used to sell these patterns on Etsy, but apparently she has closed her Etsy shop and is now making the patterns available as free downloads on Ravelry. You better believe I grabbed them! I can’t wait to sort through my fabric stash and knit some of them for my little girl, who begged for one as soon as she saw the photos. If you want to knit a rag bag, I think you’re going to LOVE these!

If you’re interested in making a rag bag, hopefully one of the above patterns is exactly what you need. Thanks for checking out our roundup of knit and crochet rag bag patterns — and thanks so much for your visit to KnittingandCrochet.net today.

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