Blue Waves Ripple Crochet Washcloth by Sharon Silverman

Blue Waves Ripple Crochet Washcloth Pattern From Sharon Silverman's Learn to Crochet Ripples Class
Blue Waves Ripple Crochet Washcloth Pattern From Sharon Silverman’s Learn to Crochet Ripples Class

Sharon Silverman designed this sumptuous washcloth using a gently rippling, wavy crochet stitch pattern that’s really interesting to work on. The finished washcloth is eye-catching, and it’s also soft and luxurious. Overall, it’s a quick and practical crochet project that you’ll be glad to have around the house once you are finished making it.

If you need a quick gift, it’s useful for that purpose as well. If you ever give fancy scented bath soaps or shower gels as gifts to colleagues or your kids’ teachers, you could add a lovely blue waves washcloth to the gift bag to make the gift a bit more special.

The Blue Waves Washcloth is one of five exclusive crochet projects you can learn how to make if you take Sharon’s three-hour crochet video class called Learn to Crochet Ripples. The class is produced by Annie’s Crafts. If you would enjoy having the Blue Waves Washcloth pattern and also learning how to crochet other types of waves, ripples, chevrons and zigzag patterns, you’ll definitely want to consider taking this class.

I’ve written a detailed product review of the class if you would like more information about it. The short version of the review: I highly recommend the class. I think the projects are all appealing; the videography is outstanding; and the class materials give you all the insights you need to achieve success with learning how to crochet ripples.

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