Valentine Crochet Heart Pouch A Fun, Creative DIY Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Valentine Crochet Heart Pouch
Valentine Crochet Heart Pouch

Hearts are popular design motifs with the “crafty” crowd. They are interesting shapes to make by hand. Not only that, they help us to express strong emotions like love and affection for others.

Want to share a sweet token of affection with a loved one this Valentine’s Day? There are many ways you could go about it. One possibility: Make him or her a heart-shaped pouch like this one, and fill it with things that would bring joy – perhaps wrapped candies for a friend, or quarters to use as parking meter / laundry money for a son or daughter who’s away at college.

Of course, you can find many uses for these little pouches if you want to make and keep some for yourself. I held onto one of mine, and am using it for storing love notes and other little tokens of affection that my husband has given me over the years.

Get the Free Pouch Pattern:

The Short Version of the Pattern: Make 2 of these crochet heart shapes. Embellish one side with ribbons, trim, crocheted flowers, silk flowers or any other pretty baubles that strike your fancy. Stitch the hearts together, including a zipper on one side. Done!

The Long Version of the Pattern: Click here to get the free pattern online.

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