Crochet Heart Applique With Beads Free Crochet Pattern Available Online

Crochet Heart Applique With Beads - Free Pattern Is Available Online
Crochet Heart Applique With Beads – Free Pattern Is Available Online

You can crochet this heart applique using beads and wire — a combination which makes the heart turn out stiff, yet still flexible.

Sometimes you might want a heart design that has some stiffness, but you might not enjoy hassling with starching or gluing your project to achieve that stiff quality. In this case, it’s not necessary to use either starch or glue; the wire takes care of the stiffening aspect for you all on its own.

There are many different ways you can use this little heart. I used mine to frame a picture of myself and my husband on a scrapbook layout. I’m planning to make a few more of these to use as appliques — one for embellishing a purse and some for decorating various other craft projects I have hanging around.

I can think of bunches of other ways to use it as well. I think it would make interesting hanging ornaments, although I probably won’t get around to making those any time soon. Please feel free to make some for yourself, though, if you are so inclined.

This design is flexible, both literally and figuratively; there are many different ways you could use it or incorporate it into other projects. It’s an ideal Valentine’s Day project.

Want to see a similar motif made using the same wire technique? Check out this snowflake ornament pattern.

Pattern Details:

  • A Free Crochet Pattern is available for this design.
  • Crochet Skill Level: If you use the supplies mentioned in the pattern, the project is a bit fiddly and probably warrants an intermediate rating. If you use larger beads and yarn, it gets easier.
  • Pattern Designer: Amy Solovay

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