Crocheting for Earth Day and Every Day Earth Day 2020 Is Coming Up Soon!

Crochet an Eco-Friendly Rag Bag for Earth Day or Any Day
Crochet an Eco-Friendly Rag Bag for Earth Day or Any Day

Earth Day is coming up soon. This year, we’ll be celebrating Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 — mark your calendars!

If you’d like to celebrate Earth day with an eco-friendly crochet project, there are many possibilities to consider. For example, the gorgeous tote bag pictured above is a sustainable DIY project if you choose to upcycle old fabrics or clothes for your materials.

Another similar option is an earth-friendly market bag made using organic cotton. You can get the market bag crochet pattern on the Internet for free.

You could begin working on either of these projects today, and if you start using the bag every time you shop, it’ll result in fewer paper and plastic shopping bags that need recycling.

Crochet Scrubbies

If you do still happen to have plastic shopping bags, or produce bags, hanging around your place, don’t throw them away; upcycle them! Our free scrubbie patterns give you the instructions you need for transforming the bags into useful dish scrubbers and pot scrubbers you can use for hand-washing your dishes (which in many cases is more eco-friendly than using the dishwasher, because the dishwasher uses more water.)

Learn About Plarn

If you’re still carrying groceries home in plastic shopping bags, here’s an idea you can use to recycle them: “Plarn.”

More Rag Crochet Projects

Sooner or later, everyone ends up with worn-out textiles — worn out clothing, worn out linens, etc. Once a piece of clothing is stained or torn, you probably don’t want to wear it any more, but you need not throw it away. You can turn old clothes into interesting rag crochet projects including rugs, hot pads, potholders, cat and dog beds and even jewelry. Here are a few ideas and free patterns to get you started:

Pull Tab Napkin Rings

Upcyled Wire Crochet Napkin Rings Made From Pull Tabs -- Perfect for Earth Day!
Upcyled Wire Crochet Napkin Rings Made From Pull Tabs — Perfect for Earth Day!

Upcycle the pull tabs from cat food cans, soup cans, tuna fish cans or soda cans to make cool napkin rings you can use for dressing up your table.

Cloth napkins are environmentally responsible, because you can keep re-using them over and over again. Another nice thing about them: the napkins pay for themselves before long, because you don’t have to keep spending money on disposable paper napkins after you’ve made the initial investment. That saves you quite a bit of cash in the long run.

Once you start using cloth napkins, you’ll probably want to have some nice napkin rings on hand to go with them. The napkin rings linked above are a fun, eco-friendly DIY project that you can make (in part) from recycled materials.

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