Crochet Bracelets Load Up on Free Patterns for Crocheting Bracelets!

Crochet is an outstanding medium for creating exquisite bracelets. There are many appropriate crochet techniques you could use — including bead crochet, wire crochet, traditional crochet, Tunisian crochet and others.

You can choose from a dazzling variety of different materials and supplies to personalize your bracelets and make them unique. You can crochet bracelets using yarn, crochet thread, wire, cord, ribbon, beads, charms, and even pull tabs that you pull off of cans. These aren’t your only possibilities, but they are some of the most popular.

Want to try crocheting your own bracelets, or perhaps try making a bracelet to give as a gift to a loved one or friend? If so, we invite you to browse through the free crochet bracelet patterns posted below.

1. Southwestern Turquoise and Red Coral Chip Bead Bracelet Pattern

DIY Southwestern Turquoise and Red Coral Wire Crochet Bracelet Pattern

Techniques Used: Wire crochet, bead crochet

About This Pattern: This bracelet would look lovely paired with Southwestern style clothing and accessories — or you could wear it at Christmas time for a festive look. Alternatively, you could change the beads and colors to match your favorite ensemble; this is an easy pattern to re-color and personalize.

Chip beads contribute to the chunky, textured appeal of this design — and several other types of beads add additional color and visual interest.

2. Tunisian Crochet Bangle Bracelet Made With Wire and Beads

Tunisian Crochet Wire Bangle Bracelet With Beads

Techniques Used: Tunisian crochet, wire crochet, and bead crochet

About This Pattern: This bracelet is challenging to crochet, but if you are interested in making the effort, it is an interesting and beautiful project.

To make my sample bracelet, I used copper wire to crochet the bangle in afghan stitch. Then I finished the edges of the bangle using coordinating copper-colored beads. The result is a bracelet that matches many of the items in my friend’s daughter’s wardrobe (the bracelet was a gift for her). It looks lovely with black, neutrals, pinks, reds and many other warm colors. Of course, as with any project, you can choose different colors if you prefer.

3. Red Coral Chip Bead Crochet Bracelet Pattern

Red Coral Chip Bead Crochet Bracelet

Techniques Used: Wire crochet, bead crochet

About This Pattern: This is another crocheted bracelet that’s designed to showcase gorgeous, irregular chip beads. I used the same pretty coral chip beads featured in the Southwestern-style bracelet posted above, but this time I combined them with pretty golden yellow frosted seed beads.

4. Rose Cat-Eye Chip Bead Bracelet Pattern

Rose Cat Eye Chip Bead Bracelet -- Free Wire Crochet Pattern

Techniques Used: Wire crochet, bead crochet

About This Pattern: You can combine beautiful pink stone chip beads with silver wire to create an ultra-feminine crocheted bracelet — or choose your own color palette, since chip beads and wire come in many appealing colors.

5. Wire Lace Cuff Bracelet Pattern

Wire Lace Cuff Bracelet -- Free Wire Crochet Pattern

Techniques Used: Wire crochet, bead crochet

About This Pattern: This elegant cuff bracelet looks delicate and lacy — but it’s made of wire rather than thread or yarn. Beads finish the look, creating a focal point around the central lines of the design.

I think this bracelet is particularly well-suited for accessorizing holiday party ensembles, so I crocheted my sample bracelet in Christmas colors. I envision this design working well in many other color combinations, so I encourage you to try any other colors you think would be pretty.

6. Wire Crochet Bangle Bracelet

Wire Crochet Bangle Bracelet Pattern

Techniques Used: wire crochet and bead crochet; the bead crochet is optional, but it enhances this bracelet significantly.

About This Pattern:

Marion Boddy-Evans has shared a free crochet pattern for this gorgeous silver bracelet in wire crochet. I’ve posted the free pattern and project photo on this website with Marion’s permission; we hope you’ll be inspired by it.

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