Crochet Rugs, Floor Mats and Bath Mats Free Crochet Rug Patterns Plus Crochet Books Featuring Rug Patterns that Are Truly Worth Buying

Looking for crochet rug patterns? If you want to crochet rugs, floor mats or bath mats, this is your happy day. You can browse on this page to find a whole bunch of different patterns for crocheting every type of rug you could think of:

  • Crochet area rugs
  • Crochet rag rug patterns
  • T-shirt yarn rugs
  • Crochet wool rug patterns
  • Jute rug patterns
  • Crochet yarn rug patterns
  • Crochet bath mat patterns
  • Crochet floor mat patterns
  • Vintage crochet rug patterns
  • New crochet rug patterns
  • Round rugs
  • Rectangular rugs
  • Flower Rugs
  • Crochet lace doily rugs
  • Free crochet rug patterns, plus a few spectacular rug patterns for sale that are truly worth buying
  • And more!

You’re sure to find a rug pattern that suits whatever decorating purpose you have in mind.

Free Crochet Rug Patterns

Crochet Rag Rugs: Free Patterns, Instructions and Tutorials

In the old days, fabric was labor intensive to produce and therefore extremely precious. When clothing wore out, people recycled the remains into other projects such as rag rugs.

Although it is much easier to produce fabric these days, the truth is, fabric production takes a significant toll on the environment. Cotton farming is resource intensive and uses huge quantities of toxic pesticides. Recycling fabrics remains a wise use of resources, even with all the modern technology we have at our disposal for weaving, knitting and finishing new materials.

The following patterns are available for crocheting rag rugs using your choice of recycled or new materials. The most cost-effective projects will incorporate recycled fabrics, and they’re also likely to be some of the most satisfying projects as well.

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Heart-Shaped Rag Rug Pattern Plus Tips for Crocheting Perfectly Flat Rag Rugs

If you want to avoid crocheting a rag rug that buckles, ruffles up or becomes bowl shaped, there’s a trick you’ll want to know about. You might have already learned the basis for it in your high school geometry class, but if not, this article has an explanation — plus a free crochet pattern for a heart-shaped rag rug.

Butterfly Crochet Rag Rug Pattern

Tresa Robinson designed this cute butterfly-shaped rag rug. It’s colorful and fun, and it’s something a little different from all the oval, square and round rag rugs you see people making.

Round and Round: Rag to Rug Crochet

This article was posted at the Canadian Living website. The author is Anna Hobbs; In the text of the article, Anna credits Rose Lynch and her mother for the design idea.

Rectangular Crochet Rag Rug Pattern

To make this simple rag rug, you work is in rows of single crochet stitch. The designer added an attractive fringe at the edges, which gives the rug more eye appeal than it would have had otherwise.

Rag Rug Tutorial

In this creative rag rug tutorial, Mandy at Sugarbeecrafts shows you how to make a rag rug that’s perfectly suited to decorating a child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery.

Round Rag Rug Tutorial

This tutorial is posted at the Vintagechica blog. The photo of the finished rug is posted in a different blog post on the same blog.

Important Note: If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or a similar repetitive stress injury, I do not recommend that you try rag crochet. And for everyone else, please, I urge you to use common sense; rest your hands frequently and don’t crochet too much at once. If at any point, your hands start to hurt you, STOP! Rag rugs are certainly beautiful, but it’s not worth risking an injury to make one.

T-Shirt Yarn Rugs

The following rag rugs are all crocheted using either old t-shirts or commercially prepared t-shirt yarn.

All Sorts Crochet Rug — Free Pattern

All Sorts Crochet Rug by Susan Carlson
All Sorts Crochet Rug by Susan Carlson

Susan Carlson designed this bold, colorful crochet rag rug using a super bulky t-shirt yarn. The free crochet pattern is available at her website,; You can click here to get it.

DIY Crochet Rug Pattern

DIY Crochet Rag Rug by Kara Gunza at the Petals to Picots Website
DIY Crochet Rag Rug by Kara Gunza at the Petals to Picots Website

Kara Gunza designed this lovely crocheted rag rug to liven up the bathroom her girls use. It’s certainly a vibrant and appealing design to use for that purpose. You can click here to get the free rug pattern at Kara’s website.

Giant Doily Made of T-Shirt Yarn

This rug resembles an overblown lace doily for your floor. The original rug is made of t-shirt yarn, although you could also make it out of rope or other materials.

Heirloom Doily T-Shirt Yarn Bath Mat: Free Pattern

The designer of this bath mat used a family heirloom doily as the inspiration for creating it.

Rag Rug Crocheted Using Knit T-Shirts

This simple crocheted floor mat is just a plain rectangle. You’ll need about 20 knit t-shirts to make one that’s similar in size to the designer’s project sample.

This page is more of a crochet rug-making tutorial than it is a pattern; the tutorial is posted at the “crazymomquilts” blog.

How to Crochet a Rug Out of T-Shirts

This multi-page rug-making tutorial is posted at the Craftystylish website.

Retro Summertime Rug

This colorful rug is a little different than the typical t-shirt yarn rug you see around. It’s an unusual shape, and it looks like it would be an interesting project to work on.

Crochet Wool Rugs

Pendleton Woolen Mills sell their leftover selvedge scraps at affordable prices, and crocheters have been using them to make gorgeous wool rugs. The following free patterns are available for crocheting rugs using woven wool selvedge scraps:

Oval Pendleton Crochet Selvedge Rug: Free Pattern

This free pattern is posted at Pendleton’s Woolen Mill Store blog.

Round Pendleton Selvedge Rug With PomPoms

Jute Rug Patterns

Rectangular Jute Door Mat: Free Pattern

This sturdy jute rug makes an excellent welcome mat, front door mat or floor mat. The designer also recommends using it as a mat for kitties on their way out of their litter boxes.

Humorous “Go Away!” Door Mat Crocheted in Jute or Twine

Amber at the Divine Debris website created this funny crocheted doormat using twine from the hardware store. It’s the perfect complement to fall or Halloween decor, although you could use it any time you want to send a distinct message to the people who show up at your house.

Crochet Flower Rug Patterns

Bachelor’s Button Crochet Blanket Pattern

Janet Giese designed this stylish rug pattern comprised of round motifs that resemble flower motifs.

Crochet Daisy Rug

This yellow and white daisy rug has a fun, sixties-ish vibe about it. To make this rug, you crochet bunches of small daisy motifs and then stitch them together using a tapestry needle.

Crochet Bath Mat Patterns

Rectangular Rag Crochet Bathroom Rug Pattern

Crochet Bathroom Rug -- Free Pattern

This rectangular rag rug makes a fantastic bathroom rug, but there are many other ways you could use it in your home. It would also be a lovely area rug in rooms other than just the bathroom.

Rainbow Rectangular Bath Mat Pattern

This vivid, colorful rug is an eye-catching masterpiece that’s sure to liven up even the dullest and drabbest of bathrooms. The design features an impressive amount of sumptuous texture. It looks like it would be heavenly to step out of a hot shower and sink your feet onto such a lovely rug. Jessie Rayot designed this beautiful bath mat, and she makes the free pattern available at her website.

Pretty Puffs Bath Mat

aworking from this pattern results in a richly textured rectangular bath mat featuring a puff stitch border.

More Rectangular Crochet Rugs Made From Yarn

Rectangular Accent Rug

This color-blocked rectangular rug features a slightly asymmetrical design.

Round Crochet Rug Patterns

Small Pizza-Themed Crochet Rug Pattern

This cute round pizza rug is the perfect size to use as a sleeping mat for a small dog. It would also be an adorable addition to a child’s bedroom or a fun kitchen mat to protect the floor under your sink area.

Thick Round Rug Pattern

This is a simple round rug made of yarn.

Octagon Rug

You hold 4 strands of yarn together to make this thick and unique octagon-shaped rug.

Best Pattern Books Featuring Crochet Rug Patterns

If you didn’t find a free crochet rug pattern you like amongst the offerings above, consider buying any of these outstanding pattern books to obtain some truly spectacular crochet rug patterns. These crochet pattern books are all well worth buying.


Crochetterie by Molla Mills: Modern Crochet Rug Patterns and More
Crochetterie by Molla Mills: Modern Crochet Rug Patterns and More

Crochetterie is a beginner-friendly crochet manual featuring 3 amazing crochet rug patterns that have a distinctive graphic style about them. They’re guy-friendly rug designs, so if you either live with a guy or you ARE a guy, these rugs will not be too fancy and froo-froo to consider putting on your floor. I daresay they’d even work well as part of your flooring solution in a man cave, bachelor pad or game room (even when the guys are all hanging out watching football or whatever).

You crochet these rugs and a lot of the other patterns in the book using the tapestry crochet technique.

Where to Find More Info About Crochetterie:

Mandalas to Crochet

Mandalas to Crochet Book by Haafner Linssen: This book features a lacy, spectacular mandala rug pattern to crochet. The book also includes bunches of patterns for gorgeous round crochet motifs and patterns.
Photos are from Mandalas to Crochet: 30 Great Patterns by Haafner Linssen, Copyright © 2016 by the author and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Griffin. This book features a lacy, spectacular mandala rug pattern to crochet. The book also includes bunches of patterns for gorgeous round crochet motifs and assorted patterns for blankets and other projects.

This book is all about crocheting circles. One of the patterns in the book is a delightfully lacy rag rug that resembles a doily. While that is the only pattern in the book that’s specifically intended to be a rug, there are many other circular patterns included in the book that could be adapted to use for making rug patterns if you’re a fearless crocheter. Simply hold several strands of yarn together when crocheting, or use fabric strips or t-shirt yarn to make a rag rug instead of a smaller yarn doily. Another possibility is to add additional rounds to make your project turn out larger.

Find More Info About Mandalas to Crochet by Haafner Linssen:

So there you have it: our roundup of excellent crochet patterns for rugs, floor mats and bath mats. We hope you found more useful patterns than you know what to do with, and that you’ll be able to use them for to learning how to crochet a rag rug, a wool rug, a jute rug, or just about any other possible type of rug you’d like to use for decorating your home.

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