Lori Jean Karluk, Crochet Pattern Designer

Lori Jean Karluk, Crochet Pattern Designer
Lori Jean Karluk, Crochet Pattern Designer

Lori Jean Karluk is a freelance designer, pattern writer and technical editor living in Pennsylvania. She enjoys designing crochet patterns from the simple and fun to the intricate and more detailed.


Lori Jean learned her first simple crochet stitches in the Girl Scouts when she was eleven years old. She went on to educate herself in more difficult stitches and techniques. Since she began designing, she has sold over 250 crochet designs to 26 national companies and magazines including Red Heart Yarns and Crafts Magazine. She has also worked as a staff designer, editor and yarn consultant for several crochet and yarn manufacturers. That included four years as technical editor for Crochet Patterns Magazine by Herrschners.

From Lori Jean Karluk:

I am happiest when I am designing crochet projects with my special interests in mind. Since I love art, crochet and helping animals, I enjoy creating crochet designs that also include some of my own art work; I also enjoy creating designs with an animal theme.

Besides living with my own pets, my passion for animals has always included helping them any way I can, feeding and sometimes taking in strays and getting involved in animal causes. I have even sketched them from time to time. I often crochet small lapghans for animals out in the cold, those in shelters and for my own pets. I believe crochet warms their bodies and souls to let them feel that they are loved and cared for.

It was only natural for me to want animals to be part of my designs. I am proud to say that my first two crochet books, Safari Friends and Bear-E-Tale Bears, published by Jerry Gentry, Inc. in 1987, involved my love of animals. I recently branched out to design a pet clothing line that I had fun working on.

I look forward to sharing some of my crochet designs with you.

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