5 Advantages of Knitting and Crocheting With a Cone of Yarn

Yarn cones have several advantages over yarn packaged in skeins. Educate yourself, save money and improve your craft with this must-know information!

You might never have considered the possibility of knitting or crocheting with yarn cones. Some knitters and crocheters haven’t even heard of yarn cones; those that have, often think of yarn cones as being the exclusive property of machine knitters.

Yarn cones have multiple advantages for crochet and hand knitting:

1. Yarn will unwind evenly from a cone, so you don’t need to wind the yarn into balls before you knit or crochet with it. This can save you significant amounts of time.

2. You can place a cone of yarn on the floor at your feet, and it will stay where you put it, unlike a ball of yarn that is prone to rolling around on the floor.

3. You can sometimes get a better price per ounce when you buy yarn cones.

4. When knitting or crocheting large projects, you won’t have to join new yarn as frequently, meaning you will have less wasted yarn. You will also have fewer loose ends to weave in.

5. You won’t have to search through zillions of balls of yarn to find a few of the same dye lot.

So now you’re updated on the many advantages of knitting and crocheting with yarn cones. I hope you’ll be able to use this information to best advantage.

I knit and crochet with yarn cones whenever the opportunity arises, and I recommend that other knitters and crocheters do the same any time they can find appealing yarn cones at reasonable prices.

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This page was last updated on 1-9-2020.

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