Wire Crochet Bangle Bracelet With Beads By Marion Boddy-Evans at Isle of Sky Art Studio

Wire crochet bangle bracelet by Marion Boddy-Evans. A free crochet pattern is available.
Wire crochet bangle bracelet by Marion Boddy-Evans. If you would like to make one of these, see the free pattern below. If you’d rather buy one, Marion invites you to check out her web shop to see if any are currently available.

Photo © Marion Boddy-Evans / Isle of Sky Art Studio; I am using it with her permission.

Looking at the bracelet pictured here, wouldn’t you have a hard time believing that its designer, Marion Boddy-Evans at Isle of Sky Art Studio, is a self-described beginner at crochet?

Marion shared this photo with me after she visited my beaded wire crochet napkin ring tutorial at ArtsWithCrafts.com; I had commented in my newsletter about wire crochet being an advanced crochet technique, and in response, Marion pointed out some good reasons that beginners can succeed with wire crochet. I thought her comments were worth sharing, because they highlight some important points that I think every crafter needs to consider.

Marion writes,

“I did have to smile at the wire napkin ring crochet article you’d linked to saying it’s an advanced technique for the experienced; I think wire is great for my beginner crochet skill as you can’t make perfectly matching stitches and it hides if you put the hook into wrong part of the loop.”

There are several important takeaways here. One person’s “advanced” is another person’s “easy.” Skill level ratings can be arbitrary. And, just because a pattern says it’s “advanced” or “experienced” doesn’t mean that you couldn’t succeed with it, even if you do not consider yourself to be an “advanced” or “experienced” crocheter. In almost every case I can think of, success with crafting is more about patience, determination and problem-solving abilities than it is about experience.

This explains why Marion is able to succeed at a project like this one, despite her relative newness to crochet.

So whether you’re a beginning or experienced crocheter, or somewhere in between, you could make a bracelet similar to this one if you are similarly determined to put your best effort into it. Marion has shared a free pattern for it, as follows:

Supplies Needed:

  • 0.6mm silver-plated copper wire (22 gauge)
  • size 10 crochet hook (i.e. big!)

Bracelet Instructions:

Make a chain that will comfortably go around your wrist, join it up into a loop, then go around and around in single crochet stitch until as wide as you want it to be. Leave a longish tail where you started chain as it helps you see where a ’round’ begins/ends. Tuck in ends of wire into bracelet neatly. Stiffen wire if desired with pliers by gently going around and around the bracelet from both sides (I don’t use nylon-tipped pliers, but place a piece of cardboard over the bracelet to protect the wire). To add beads to a bracelet, put them on the wire before you start, then feed them in at the desired point. Work stitches large and loose. Don’t try to make them neat and identical, the wire doesn’t allow it.

Thanks for the free bracelet pattern, Marion!

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