Crochet Market Bag — Free Pattern

Crochet Market Bag -- Free Pattern Available
Crochet Market Bag — Free Pattern Available

You can fit a whole lot o’ stuff in this great big market bag. If you’re running errands, it’s great to have a couple of these in hand to toss over your shoulder on your way out the door. They’re roomy enough to carry your groceries, or beach essentials if you’re heading to the beach.

You can crochet this bag using a free pattern brought to you by the folks over at Lion Brand yarns. They make several market bag patterns available, so if this one isn’t quite what you want, you do have some other options as well.

Be aware that their free patterns are available only to registered members of their website — so if you are not logged in, it might look like our pattern link is not working. It’s working, but you will have to either log in or register before you will be able to access the pattern.

This page was last updated on 12-8-2018.

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