Valentine Patterns to Knit and Crochet

Our Valentine’s Day gift to you this year, and every year: plenty of fun, free Valentine Patterns to Knit and Crochet. We hope you’ll enjoy this roundup of gorgeous patterns you can use in your Valentine celebrations. Many of the same patterns are also useful throughout the entire year.

Free Valentine’s Day Heart Patterns

Pictured here, from left to right:

Free Valentine’s Day Jewelry Patterns

Pictured here, from left to right:

Flower Patterns for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine Edgings

Knitted and crocheted edgings can beautify many different Valentine’s Day craft projects. I’ve posted pictures of several of my favorite Valentine-friendly crochet edgings here on this page:

Crochet Heart Edges -- Free Patterns
Two pretty heart edgings you can crochet for Valentine’s Day using free charts and patterns posted on our website

The heart trim pictured at the top is subtle, and it could be used all year long, not just on Valentine’s Day. The heart trim pictured below is more vivid, and works well for projects where you really want the heart motifs to be visible.

Easy Lacy Shell Edging
Easy Lacy Shell Edging

Pictured at right, you can see one idea for adding an edging to a crocheted heart square. It’s an ultra-easy shell stitch edging that’s a touch lacy, and just perfect to use when crafting for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Any edging pattern could become a Valentine edging, if you use appropriate colors and proportions when planning your project. So rather than reproducing our entire list of edging patterns here in this spot, I’ll just mention that you might like to visit our page of border, trim and edging patterns to see bunches more possible options.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of Valentine patterns to knit and crochet — and that you will have a lovely Valentine’s Day this year.

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