9 Things to Do With Crocheted and Knitted Skull Designs

I’ll be the first to admit that skulls aren’t really my thing. Even so, I thought of bunches of different reasons a person might want to crochet or knit some skull motifs.

  1. Know any punk rockers, skateboarders and / or goth fans? If so, skull appliques could be useful for accenting projects you make for them; you could add ’em to plain hats, fingerless gloves, etc, to give the project an “edgier” look.
  2. Wear them to horror movies and / or rock concerts.
  3. For those of you who celebrate Halloween, skulls make great Halloween decorations.
  4. They’re also useful additions to handmade Halloween costumes.
  5. Use ’em on any occasion that involves pirates, or dressing up as pirates.
  6. You can use skull appliques to mark any dangerous item in your home. This may sound a little silly, but it would be a good visual reminder to be cautious in the presence of that dangerous item.
  7.  I used some of my skull appliques as embellishments in a scrapbook.
  8. They would make creepy additions to hair pins, headbands and hair clips.
  9. Additionally, we’ve found patterns where skulls are featured in just about every kind of configuration you could think of, and they are used for embellishing everything from blankets to garlands.

If these ideas sound appealing to you, I invite you to visit our list of 28 skull patterns to crochet and knit.  Most of these patterns are free and easily accessible on the Internet. Drop by anytime and check ’em out.

Best wishes,

Amy Solovay



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