Half Double Crochet

  • Begin with an active loop on your hook. You’ll have an active loop if you previously crocheted some chain stitches or other stitches that you want to work into. If you want to crochet directly into fabric or something else, without making a starting chain, you could start by making a slip knot on your hook. This will give you an active loop to work from.
  • Wrap your yarn or thread over your crochet hook.
  • Insert the hook into the spot where you want to work your half double crochet. If you’re working into a starting chain, you’ll usually want to work into the 3rd chain from your hook. If you’re working into a stitch, you will usually want to work into both loops of the next stitch to make a standard half double crochet. You can also work half double crochets into chain spaces or other spaces, or into rings, or directly into fabric (for example, around the edges of a tablecloth or pillowcase — although crocheting into fabric is not an ideal beginner’s technique.)
  • Grab the yarn with your crochet hook and pull it through the stitch or space. You’ll have 3 loops on your hook.
  • Wrap the yarn over your crochet hook and pull it through all 3 loops.
  • One half double crochet stitch is complete.
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