Squares hold universal appeal; significant numbers of knitters and crocheters create them.

Squares are appealing for a number of reasons; they’re small, portable, and relatively quick to work. They’re not too intimidating in regards to skill level, supplies needed or time-commitment. They’re easy to combine when you’re ready to do something impressive with them. They’re fun to work, creative and even more fun to use in finished projects. Best of all, you can build some exquisite and complex-looking knitting and crochet projects using humble squares.

Want to get started with a project involving squares? If so, we hope you’ll enjoy this list of square patterns.

1. 3D Sunflower Crochet Granny Square

3d Crochet Sunflower Granny Square

Sunflowers provided the inspiration for this three-dimensional granny square.

In this sunflower variation, I’ve used popcorn stitches in the center to mimic the look of the sunflower seeds. The square is worked in rounds, from the center outward, just like you’d expect from a granny square pattern.

Pattern Details:

  • A Free Crochet Pattern is available for this design.
  • Crochet Skill Level: Not mentioned in the pattern.

2. Crochet Square With Angled Stripes

Crochet Square With Angled Stripes

Asymmetrical angled stripes are the focus of this interesting crocheted square. The page linked here includes the free graph for crocheting the square, plus bunches of different ideas for things you can do with it. There are also some links to free tutorials and other goodies that might be of interest.

This square is part of the “Pattern Sampler” series. What that means: I have a whole bunch of patterns for squares that are similar; they are the same size, and are all designed to be used together — mixed, matched, coordinated and grouped together as you see fit. Some, but not all, of the squares mentioned on this page are part of the same series. If you want to design your own blanket without having to do ALL the work of designing a blanket, this series of squares could be fun for you to work with. There are endless possibilities for what you could make with these!

Pattern Details:

  • A Free Crochet Pattern is available for this design.
  • Crochet Skill Level: Intermediate.
  • Pattern Designer: Amy Solovay

3. Crochet Heart Squares

Crochet Heart Squares

These crochet heart squares are part of the “Pattern Sampler” series mentioned above. You can work these designs in two or more colors. There are several different versions of the design available, all of which look similar but are created in slightly different ways, using different crochet techniques.

I’m trying something new with these patterns: making them available as free PDF downloads. I haven’t yet done this with all the squares in the series (or with many of the other patterns on this site.) Before committing to making bunches of my free patterns available for downloading, I am doing this small experiment with making just a couple of patterns downloadable, to see what the costs will end up being.

4. Mini Checkered Crochet Square Pattern

Mini Checkered Crochet Square

I have designed about one zillion different checkered crochet patterns. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but there have been bunches of them. I’m not kidding when I say that checkerboard designs are at the top of my favorites list.

Want to know why? It’s mostly because I find them really, really easy to use when combining various textile-type patterns together. They pair effortlessly with many other sorts of themes and motifs.

I’ve found that small-scale checkered designs are especially wonderful to use when you need a quick coordinate with some sort of other pattern. This one fits the bill nicely. I’ve found bunches of different uses for it, and I can think of endless others.

This design is part of the “pattern sampler” series, and it is one of the few designs that I’m currently making available for downloading in PDF format. I hope you’ll download the free pattern and give it a try.

5.Striped Crochet Square With Heart Design

Striped Crochet Heart Square

I think this heart design may just be one of the cleverest patterns I’ve yet dreamed up. I’ve worked it dozens of different times, and so far I haven’t yet become bored with it.

I’m so enthralled with this pattern because I find it really interesting to attempt different color combinations with it. It’s tricky to get exactly the right balance with the colors, which is one of the things that keeps me engaged in trying different possibilities.

I also enjoy this pattern’s companion design, which is a striped checkerboard square. You can view both of these squares used together if you take a look at my heart-themed baby blanket pattern. Please feel free to use either square in other sorts of projects too. While they’re lovely to use in baby projects, they also make wonderful projects for Valentine’s Day — or everyday projects too.

6. Crochet Granny Square With Criss-Cross Design

It’s really interesting to see how this little granny square comes together. This isn’t your typical granny square, and it’s a refreshing approach to an old favorite.

Pattern Details:

  • A Free Crochet Pattern is available for this design.
  • Crochet Skill Level: Easy.

7. Cross Stitch and Crochet Christmas Tree Square Pattern

Crochet and Cross Stitch Christmas Tree Square -- Free Charts Available Here on Our Website

This design can look merry, bright, festive and Christmas-y — but it doesn’t have to, if you would rather use it all year around. The main difference is in how you choose your colors. If you definitely want the design to work for Christmas, just choose Christmas colors. Otherwise, you can color the design in other colors.

On this page, the photo shows how the square looks when crocheted in Christmas-y colors, but I have another example on the project page showing this design used as part of a boy’s baby blanket. To make that project, I colored the square in restful shades of turquoise, green and beige (the same colors you see used in pictures of some of my other “Pattern Sampler” series projects, shown on this page. This square is also part of the Pattern Sampler series.

Pattern Details:

  • A Free Crochet Pattern is available for this design.
  • Crochet Skill Level: Intermediate.
  • Pattern Designer: Amy Solovay
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