Sock Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Interested in making your own socks? Whether you prefer crochet or knitting, you’ll find bunches of excellent sock patterns to choose from. We invite you to browse through this list of sock knitting and crochet patterns to find a variety of free and paid patterns for making any kind of socks you could possibly want — warm winter socks, slipper socks, lightweight summer socks, lace socks, ribbed socks and socks for every family member including men, women, teens, children and babies.

How to Knit Socks — Free Sock Knitting Patterns

Sock Knitting Patterns by Julie Huston

The “Treasures Made From Yarn” website features patterns designed by Julie Huston for both knitting and crocheting socks. These are the free sock knitting patterns:

  • Two-Needle Lace Knit Socks
  • Triangle Knit Socks
  • Staggered Stripes Socks
  • Bumpy Rib Knit Socks in 48 Stitches
  • Child’s Soft Socks
  • Heartland Knit Socks Pattern
  • 52 Stitch Ribbed Sock
  • Alternating Rib Sock on 64 Stitches
  • Basketweave Knit Socks
  • Lacy Rib Knit Socks
  • Miniature Decorative Sock Pattern
  • Toe-Up Diamond Sock Pattern
  • Lion Brand’s Free Sock Knitting Patterns

    • Crocheted Cottage Slipper Socks — There are two versions of this pattern; a knit version and a crocheted version. This link takes you to the knitted version; scroll down to the crochet section of this page for the other version.
    • Joan’s Knit Socks — This is another pattern that has both knitted and crocheted versions.

    How to Crochet Socks — Free Crochet Sock Patterns

    Learn how to crochet socks with these free sock patterns.

    Nicole Cormier’s Crochet Sock Designs

    Be advised that some of the items linked here are blog posts which sometimes wander off of the topic of crochet, and onto other topics of a more personal nature.

    This blog post is not a free sock pattern, but it’s helpful for anyone who is wondering whether crocheted socks are comfortable or not.

    In this blog post, Nicole explains how to make pedicure socks.

    More of Nicole’s Free Sock Patterns at Ravelry:

    Nicole has made some of her sock patterns available as free downloads at In order to access the patterns, you need to be a logged in member of their website.

    Kemberlee’s Crocheted Sock Pattern With Tutorial

    Kemberlee’s sock pattern includes many work-in-progress photos, so you’ll be able to visualize exactly how she worked her sample socks.

    You’ll work his pattern starting with the ribbed cuff. From there, you work in rounds, skipping the heel. This type of design is sometimes referred to as an “afterthought heel,” because you go back later and work the heel at the end.

    Free Lion Brand Sock Patterns

    Drops Free Sock Patterns

    Basic Crocheted Socks

    Basic Crochet Sock Revisited — at Stitchwhisper Blog — This is the author’s second attempt at a basic sock pattern. There used to be an earlier version of this pattern, which was also available online, but it has since disappeared. In this updated version, the heel has been reworked to make it easier. This pattern is adaptable; it can be made in fingering, sport or worsted weight yarns — whichever you prefer. The author also gives variations for knee-high socks if you prefer those to the shorter kind.

    Free PDF Sock Patterns by Kim Lewis

    • Cassie-O-Peah Socks — These socks are crocheted using the v stitch plus a toe-up design with an afterthought heel. The pattern design is by Kimberly Lewis, and is available from to registered members.
    • Chris Cross Ankle Socks
    • Vee Socks — These socks are crocheted using the V-stitch and shell stitches. This is a toe-up sock design created with an afterthought heel. The pattern design is by Kimberly Lewis.

    Free Sock Patterns From

    Linda’s Sock Patterns at

    • Ribbed Socks — These socks are crocheted in lengthwise rows using DK superwash wool yarn.
    • Peach Ankle Socks — This pair of socks is crocheted using a cotton / acrylic blend of dk weight yarn.

    Advent Baby Socks — Free Crochet Pattern With Tutorial

    Free Sock Patterns Posted in the Crochetville Forums

  • Crocheted Pedicure Socks at
  • This is a free crochet pattern for a pair of toe-less pedicure socks. If you crochet a pair of these, you’ll be able to keep your tootsies warm while you paint your toenails. What a great idea!

    Child’s Crocheted Socks in Size 9 at

    If you’d like to make socks for a child, check out this free crochet pattern. These instructions call for Bernat Softee baby yarn.

    Basic Crocheted Socks at

    These socks are crocheted in one flat piece, then assembled at the end.

    Crocheted Baby Socks With Afterthought Heel

    These baby socks were designed by Anastacia E. Zittel.

    Anastacia’s Toe-Up Shell Socks

    Free Scrap Yarn Sock Pattern at

    • Scrap Yarn Socks — This pattern gives you one more way to use up your scrap yarn.

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