Snowflakes Knit and Crochet Snowflake Patterns

Whether or not it’s snowing in your neighborhood, you can revel in the beauty of snowflakes — crocheted and knitted ones, that is. We’ve posted a roundup of lovely snowflake patterns you’re sure to enjoy. There’s a fantastic mix of free snowflake patterns and snowflake patterns you can buy.

Crochet Snowflakes Step by Step

If you would enjoy having a huge collection of crochet snowflake motifs to crochet, this is the pattern book for you. The book includes international symbol crochet charts plus clear step-by-step tutorials, making it easy for you to master each design. This is a fantastic book for beginners to crochet, but it’s also a book that intermediate and advanced crochet enthusiasts would find useful. Click here for more details.

Winter Snowflake Applique: Free Crochet Pattern

Winter Crochet Snowflake Applique

These snowflake appliques are enjoyable to crochet and useful for decorating just about any surface you could think of.

Modern Style Thread Crochet Snowflake With Beads and Wire: Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Snowflake Pattern

Pictured here is a beaded crochet snowflake that you could use as a pretty Christmas ornament for adorning your tree, mantelpiece, Christmas gifts or holiday table. You crochet the snowflake in two layers. You could make either layer separately if you prefer.

Easy Crochet Snowflake Trivet for Beginners

Crochet Snowflake Trivet

You don’t actually have to be a beginner at crochet to appreciate a snowflake pattern that works up this easily. The crochet work here is meditative and soothing — something that even advanced crocheters like to experience at times. Part of what gives this piece its panache is the addition of three-dimensional metal bottle caps. The resulting trivet makes a fantastic holiday gift or winter decoration.

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