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Which Pattern Format Do You Usually Work From? (Choose All That Apply)

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Thanks so much for any insights you care to provide in this poll on the topic of pattern formats. Your comments are welcome!

If you have the time and inclination to comment further, we’d also love to know WHY you prefer the pattern format(s) you use most.

As for me, I work from both digital and physical patterns — but I really prefer physical patterns.

I enjoy physical patterns because I suspect that working on anything at all on my laptop could be the cause of eyestrain (my eyesight isn’t that great) and because I don’t enjoy trying to figure out how to rotate charts on my laptop (when that is necessary — it isn’t always — usually just when the charts are printed sideways in the book due to space constraints).

I also really enjoy physical books — holding them, looking at them and turning their pages.

AND I also prefer physical patterns because I suffer from “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome. If a pattern is right there on my bookshelf, hanging around, I remember that I wanted to knit or crochet a project from it. If it is saved somewhere on my hard drive, I am prone to forgetting it is there.

Now it’s your turn. Which pattern formats do you prefer? WHY? I’m looking forward to seeing your answers and your comments!

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