Variegated Yarn

I have this fascination with variegated yarn. While it’s often beautiful, it can also be challenging and frustrating to work with.

I’m here to share with you everything I’ve learned about variegated yarn in the 30+ years I’ve been knitting and crocheting with it:

  • The good
  • The bad
  • The ugly
  • The hideously ugly
  • And also the triumphs, the successes, and the truly spectacular projects that can result when you discover the perfect marriage between stitch, yarn colorway and pattern.

My goal here is to help propel you into the phase where you’re experiencing these sorts of triumphs and successes as well. I hope you’ll learn from my failures with variegated yarn, and save yourself some of the headaches that I went through when I was getting a handle on working with it.

Learn More About Variegated Yarn:

What Is Variegated Yarn?

Find the answer at the crochet site.

How Many Variegated Yarns Is Too Many?

Discover case studies where we analyze some projects to learn what we can about combining variegated yarns into the same piece.

4 Secrets for Success With Variegated Yarn

If you’re drawn to colorful variegated yarns, you’ve probably discovered that they aren’t as easy to work with as you might have thought. This brief guide will help you understand how to get the best out of the money you spend on multicolored yarns.

5 Ways to Combine Variegated Yarn

Yes, I know, combining multiple variegated yarns probably sounds like a crazy idea. And it IS crazy, if you don’t do it right. You can end up with a big mess if you overlook some of the simple “do’s” and “don’ts” that I’ve discussed in this handy guide.

On the other hand, some of my most outstanding crochet projects have been made using these ideas, and I hope you’ll also have similarly spectacular results when you apply them to your own crochet work.

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