Knitting and Crochet Techniques

Want to take your needlework skillset to the next level? If so, we invite you to explore this fascinating list of knitting and crochet techniques.

Bruges Crochet — A type of crochet lace that resembles vintage and antique handmade bobbin laces that were popular in the 1880s and after.

Fabric Crochet — An environmentally-friendly, and often frugal, money-saving crochet technique. Learn how to crochet with rag balls (AKA strips of fabric) instead of the usual materials like yarn or crochet thread.

Filet Crochet — This is a vintage crochet technique that has been popular for generations, and continues to be of interest to contemporary crafters.

How to End Off in Crochet — This tutorial is just for brand new crocheters who haven’t yet learned what “end off” means, or how to do it.

How to Weave in Ends in Crochet and Knitting — Dealing with ends is a basic skillset that you’ll need for finishing most of your knitting and crochet projects. Additionally, it’s handy to understand the different ways you can avoid the task of weaving in your ends — a topic that’s also covered in this tutorial.

Woven Crochet — The fabric made using this technique resembles weaving. As with woven fabrics, you often see plaid or checkered designs in woven crochet, because the technique lends itself well to making plaids and checks. It’s also possible to create interesting gradients, stripes and solids with this technique.

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