Would you like to get organized? (Of course you would!) Storage baskets can help you to accomplish that goal easily. Another nice thing about them is that you can see right into them — which eliminates the “out of sight, out of mind” phenomenon that’s such a hindrance to visual people.

Would you like some unique ways to package up your gifts? Baskets can help with that too. Take a random assortment of candies, coffees, gourmet goodies, bath items, or baby products (etc!) and group them together in a basket. Voila — a gift basket.

Of course, you can vary your gift baskets to include fun holiday themes and color schemes: Christmas gift baskets, Easter baskets, Valentine candy baskets, Halloween candy baskets…

Whatever your reason for wanting to have some baskets on hand, it’s wonderful if you can crochet or knit your own; you can create just the basket you want, in exactly the size you want, for exactly the occasion you’re celebrating — or for everyday use.

If you’d like to find an abundance of lovely basket patterns, tutorials and instructions, keep reading for bunches of links to different creative designs.

Crocheted Baskets

Free Pattern for Fabric Crochet Nesting Baskets

Free Pattern for Fabric Crochet Nesting Baskets Designed by Kara Gunza at the Petals to Picots Website
Fabric Crochet Nesting Baskets

This is a set of 3 different fabric crochet nesting baskets in different sizes. You can make any of them alone, or make all 3 sizes to use together. Kara Gunza is the designer, and you can access the free pattern at her website. Click here if you want to check it out.

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Knitted Baskets

Knitted Easter Basket With Stuffed Chicks — Free Pattern

Easy Knitted Easter Basket With Stuffed Chicks by Dianne Jones
Easy Knitted Easter Basket With Stuffed Chicks

Do you knit for any kids who are either too little for candy, or not allowed to have candy for whatever reason? If so, this little Easter basket could be a fun gift idea for them. Click here for the basket pattern, and click here for the Easter friends to fill it with.

Holiday Patterns

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