Home Decor Decorate Your Home With Knitting and Crochet

Perhaps you’d like to dress up your dining room table. Or, maybe some new bath accessories would be more your style. Whether you’d like to decorate your kitchen, the bedroom(s), or any other room in your home, we’ve posted free patterns that will help.


For the bedrooms, the family room, baby’s nursery, or just about any chilly room(s) at your place: blankets, throws and afghans make the perfect accents.


Pillows offer you an easy way to add distinctive handmade accents to your home decor.

Napkins and Napkin Rings

For the dining room: Napkins and napkin rings are elegant touches that will beautiful your table settings.


For the kitchen: Find potholder patterns to protect your hands; not to mention you can also use a couple together in place of hot pads, for protecting surfaces like counters and table tops.

Dishcloths and Washcloths

For scrubbing and sudsing: Dishcloth patterns will help you clean up ‘most any mess in a hurry. Washcloths will scrub your face, or any other surface that needs a good washing.

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