Holiday Projects to Knit for Christmas 2020

Feeling festive? Want to find some spectacular holiday projects to knit for Christmas 2020? Check out the following ideas:

Bird Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

Field Guide to Knitted Birds by Arne & Carlos, Published by Trafalgar Square Books.
Field Guide to Knitted Birds by Arne & Carlos, Published by Trafalgar Square Books.

If your gift recipients usually put up a Christmas tree for the holiday season, it’s a no-brainer to give them cute ornaments as Christmas gifts. Ornaments are relatively quick projects; they’re the ideal thing to make for neighbors, co-workers and distant relatives that you don’t know very well.

I know of two different books where you could find fantastic bird knitting patterns. The first is called The Field Guide to Knitted Birds by Arne and Carlos. The other is Arne & Carlos Favorite Designs by the same authors.

A Christmas Advent Calendar, Stuffed Snowman, Knitted Bows and More

If you’d be interested in knitting bunches of different Christmas gifts and decorations, perhaps you’d find it useful to own an entire book of Christmas knitting patterns. Pictured here, you can see one fantastic suggestion for that: It’s called Jorid Linvik’s Big Book of Christmas Knits. This book includes patterns for making “giftable” items such as toys, hats and socks, plus bunches of fun Christmas-themed decorations and other festive goodies.

If holiday projects aren’t what you’re interested in working on right now, no worries; we have bunches of other knitting and crochet resources available. You’re invited to check out the following pages to find more timely patterns, tutorials and ideas:

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