Halloween Patterns 2019 Load Up on Spooky Halloween Patterns to Knit and Crochet

If you celebrate Halloween, we hope you’ll enjoy this roundup of fantastic Halloween patterns for knitting and crocheting. The patterns feature a variety of different  motifs such as skulls, pumpkins, candy corn and more.

We invite you to grab a crochet hook  or some knitting needles, and get to work crocheting or knitting bunches of creepy / scary / fun Halloween projects.

Skull Patterns to Knit and Crochet:

We’ve posted links to a whole bunch of different knit and crochet skull patterns. You can see several pictures here:

 Click here for more skulls and skeletons to knit and crochet. The list includes skull-themed scarves, blankets, appliques and a random assortment of other skulls and skeletons — perfect for Halloween! So far there are 27 patterns on the list all together, most of which are free patterns.

Cute and EASY Tunisian Crochet Baby Headband in Halloween Colors

Two-Color Tunisian Crochet Mesh Baby Headband in Halloween Colors
Two-Color Tunisian Crochet Mesh Baby Headband in Halloween Colors

There are bunches of Halloween costumes that might require a cute little headband — and if you need to make a headband, this is an excellent option to consider. It’s a super fast project, it’s easy, it gives you the option to use two colors and it’s ADORABLE. Click here to get the free headband pattern online on our website.

Trick-Or-Treat Bags and Candy Baskets

One of the top reasons kids look forward to Halloween: they get to scarf a bunch of candy. Whether your family goes trick-or-treating or stays at home to give out candy to other neighborhood kids, either way, you’ll need some bags, baskets or bowls for holding the candy. If you don’t have enough baskets and bags already, you can make some more — and that’s where these patterns come in handy.

If you would like to see some additional options for making candy baskets, you may also wish to check out our list of basket patterns to crochet and knit.

So there you have it: our roundup of Halloween patterns to knit and crochet. I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the fantastic Halloween patterns that are available, and that you found a few worthwhile patterns to add to your pattern stash.

This page was last updated on 2-6-2019.

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