Getting Off to a Great Start With Crochet

I wish I had a $20 bill for every time I’ve heard or read that “all crochet projects start with a chain.” This is a widespread misconception — but it simply is not true!

OK, granted, it’s still true that most crochet projects do start with foundation chains — at least, for now they do. Other methods are gaining in popularity, with good reason. However, the chain has its place, and has already stood the test of time.

It’s my opinion that beginning crocheters should still start out by learning how to crochet the chain stitch. It’s critical to be familiar with this stitch, because it’s often used in other places in crochet patterns, even if you start your project by a different method.

So by now, perhaps some of you are wondering — if the chain stitch isn’t the only way to get started, then what are the other ways?

I’m glad you asked! And, I’m here to satisfy your curiosity about that. I invite you to check out one of our newest pages called “how to start crochet.” I hope you’ll find it enlightening.

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