Crochet Flower With Ribbon Get the Free Crochet Pattern

Crocheting your flowers is only half the fun. Embellishing them is even more creative, and the process allows you to get just the look you want. This pretty flower is an example of a design that can be styled many different ways, to give you a variety of different looks.

Crochet Flower With Ribbon and a Sparkly Button
A Crochet Flower Embellished With Ribbon and a Sparkly Button. A Free Crochet Pattern Is Available for This Design.

To embellish this flower, I’ve chosen some simple ribbon and a sparkling flower-shaped button. The embellishments’ colors complement the pink and purple yarn I used for crocheting the layers of the flower.

How to Make This Flower:

  • Note that I have used two slightly different yarn weights to crochet the two layers of the flower. The yarn I used on the upper layer is slightly thinner and lighter in weight than the yarn I used on the lower layer.

  • For the upper layer, you’ll want to crochet this popcorn stitch flower using a lavender-colored yarn, or the yarn of your choice. I made the sample flower using Bernat Softee baby yarn. Feel free to make substitutions, as there are many different yarns, fibers and colors that would work well in this design.

  • For the lower layer, you’ll want to crochet this easy flower using a hot pink yarn. I made the sample flower using Caron Simply Soft in the color known as “strawberry,” which is color #0015.

  • Make sure to weave in all your loose ends before you proceed any further.

  • Stack the two layers on top of each other.

  • Tie the ribbon in a bow. Depending on the ribbon you’re using, you may wish to treat the ends with Fray Check or a similar substance to avoid having them unravel. Stack the ribbon on top of your flowers.

  • Grab your button, your needle and thread and stitch the entire stack together, with the button on top. Make sure to sew through everything multiple times — as many times as it takes to be certain that the stack will stay together and be secure.

  • The flower is now ready for you to use in the craft project of your choice.

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This page was last updated on September 16, 2017.

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