Checkered Diamonds Filet Crochet Patterns

If you’re looking for a simple yet versatile filet crochet pattern that you can use for just about any purpose, these checkered diamonds filet crochet patterns are worth considering.

Project Photo: This picture shows you how the checkered diamonds filet crochet patterns look when you work them using ecru-colored crochet thread:

Checkered Diamonds Filet Crochet Patterns -- Photo © Amy Solovay
Checkered Diamonds Filet Crochet Patterns — Photo © Amy Solovay

About The Filet Crochet Sample Square Pictured Above:

To crochet my sample square, I used a size 7 / 1.65 mm steel crochet hook and an unlabeled mystery crochet thread that I bought at a thrift store. I think it’s comparable to a size 10 crochet thread. You can crochet this pattern using any yarn, thread or fiber you like.

I worked from version 2 of the checkered diamonds filet crochet chart posted below — the square version that shows slightly more than three repeats. The result is a finished piece measuring approximately 8 inches wide by 9 inches high. I used 3 dc filet to crochet this piece. You could use 4 dc filet instead if you prefer; it’s up to you.

Crochet Techniques You Could Use With These Checkered Diamonds Filet Crochet Charts

I recommend using this design for filet crochet as pictured above, but feel free to use your creativity if there is another way you’d like to use it.

I’ve crocheted a couple samples of this design using different techniques. I really like the results of the filet crochet version I’ve shown you here.

Next, I crocheted the design using tapestry crochet; I wasn’t happy with the results and didn’t bother working more than a few rows. At the time, I thought it wasn’t worth taking a picture; in hindsight, now I wish I had taken the time to take the picture so you could see the results and understand why this pattern isn’t that great a choice for tapestry crochet.

You could also use this design for cross stitch on crochet, and I think it would be lovely. I haven’t yet tried it for corner-to-corner crochet to see how it would work out.

Get the Free Checkered Diamonds Filet Crochet Charts:

Version 1: The Free Crochet Chart Showing One Repeat of the Checkered Diamonds Design

This version of the pattern tiles seamlessly; repeat it out as many times as you like to achieve your desired project size.

Checkered Diamonds Crochet Chart -- 1 Repeat
Checkered Diamonds Crochet Chart — 1 Repeat

This design is intended to be repeated out in a seamless square repeat or tile repeat, meaning that you can crochet it multiple times side by side and it will repeat nicely. This is handy because it allows you to crochet a piece that’s as large or small as you want it to be.

Ideas for Using This Version of the Pattern:

  • If you crochet this design using crochet thread, it could become a lovely bedspread, dresser scarf, tablecloth or curtain panel.
  • You could use a variety of different materials to crochet pillows and cushions using this design. Be sure to line it with fabric for best results.
  • You could use a light weight or worsted weight yarn to crochet this design to make placemats.
  • You could use worsted weight wool yarn to crochet a throw or blanket; or you could use a lighter weight baby yarn to make a baby blanket.
  • Need an edging to finish off any of these projects? Be sure to visit our list of crochet blanket edging patterns too.
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Free Filet Crochet Chart Showing A Bit More Than Three Repeats of the Checkered Diamond Design, as Pictured Above:

Version 2 of the  Checkered Diamonds Crochet Chart -- Slightly More Than 3 Repeats
Version 2 of the Checkered Diamonds Crochet Chart — Slightly More Than 3 Repeats

Checkered Diamonds Filet Crochet Pattern
Free Crochet Chart © Amy Solovay

The photo above shows my sample of this design exactly as charted; I used 3 dc filet blocks and meshes. This panel is meant to be used as shown, to make squares; it does not repeat seamlessly. If you would like to create a piece in a different size or with a different number of repeats, I recommend working from the other chart I have posted; the other version is for a single repeat of the design, and it repeats seamlessly.

Project Ideas for This Version of the Checkered Diamonds Filet Crochet Pattern:

This square panel lends itself to any type of project that you’d make using crocheted squares.

One repeat of the chart is about the right size for a dishcloth if you crochet this design in thread. You can add an edging around the outside to make your dishcloth look prettier and more finished.

If you crochet two of these squares, you can transform them into a purse or bag by adding a fabric liner, straps or handles and a zipper or other closure.

This panel also makes an excellent doll blanket or teddy bear blanket for those of you who are into dollhouses and miniatures.

I’m betting you can think of zillions of other creative uses for both of these variations of the checkered diamonds filet crochet pattern. I hope you’ll enjoy using it in the crochet projects of your choice.

This page was last updated on 1/30/2018.

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