Crocheting Warm Blankets for Fall

If you're interested in crocheting warm blankets for fall, check out the new Crochet Afghan Revival book, published by Leisure Arts
If you’re interested in crocheting warm blankets for fall, check out the new Crochet Afghan Revival book, published by Leisure Arts.

September is here. The first official day of fall isn’t until later this month — Monday, September 23, 2019, to be exact. In some areas, the weather is already starting to cool off — and in others, September can be one of the hottest months of the year. But, inevitably, fall is on its way.

For those of us who live in the colder regions, it’s time to give some thought to putting away our lighter bedspreads and coverlets, and getting out the heavy blankets — and maybe even knitting or crocheting some new ones.

If you’re thinking of crocheting some new blankets right now, I have bunches of pattern suggestions you might want to consider.

For starters, Leisure Arts has a brand new crochet blanket pattern book available that is a truly amazing value for the money. It’s called Crochet Afghan Revival. It is a collection of 40+ different designs by talented designers including Melissa Leapman, Tammy Hildebrand, Lisa Gentry and many, many others.

I love the broad variety of different crochet techniques and stitch patterns represented in this book. You’ll find granny square afghans, colorwork afghans, hexagon afghans, chevron afghans, and more. You can find some project photos plus a whole bunch more details in my book review of Crochet Afghan Revival.

If that book isn’t of interest to you right now, I’ve shared a list of my other favorite blanket pattern books here.

If you’d rather find a free crochet blanket pattern to work from, I recommend taking a look at this page of blanket patterns. This list features both free and paid patterns you can use for knitting and crocheting blankets. This list of granny square patterns is also likely to be of interest to you, since you can use these granny squares to create blankets in any size you like. This list of crochet blanket edging patterns is also a helpful resource if you want to crochet a granny square blanket.

If blankets and afghans aren’t what you feel like working on right now, no worries. We have bunches of other project ideas you might enjoy. You’re invited to check out this list of fall patterns to find ideas for crocheting or knitting just about any type of project you might want to get started on making this fall. Happy crafting!

About the Author: Amy Solovay is a freelance writer with a background in textile design. She has been crocheting and crafting since childhood, and knitting since she was a teenager. Her work also appears at, and Amy sends out a free knitting and crochet newsletter so interested crafters can easily keep up with her new patterns and tutorials. If you’re already an Instagram user, Amy also invites you to follow her on Instagram.

This post was last updated on 8-31-2019.

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