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What crochet skills would you like to learn next? And what sorts of projects would you like to learn how to do? Whatever your answers to those questions are, the chances are good that crochet books could help you to accomplish your goals.

Books can be helpful even if you haven’t made any goals for your crocheting. They work the other way, too; they can inspire you to want to make new goals, start new projects and learn new techniques.

This roundup includes links to some of the crochet books I’ve had a chance to read, work from and review. I hope you’ll find this list helpful, interesting, motivating and inspiring.

Melissa Leapman’s Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters

Melissa Leapman is one of the world’s most prolific knitting and crochet pattern designers. She has published more than 25 knitting and crochet books. One of Melissa’s most recent publications is a crochet stitch dictionary featuring 200 crochet stitches she endorses as being indispensable. After working from a copy of this book myself, I can say the the book includes bunches of compelling stitches that any crochet enthusiast would want to have available. You can get more details in my book review of this title, and you can see multiple pictures and find additional insights in this interview with Melissa Leapman.

Corner-to Corner Crochet Book: Lap Throws for the Family

Crochet Cowls by Sharon Hernes Silverman

Would you be interested in crocheting stunning cowls to include in your own wardrobe and to give as gifts to all your stylish family members and friends? If so, Sharon Silverman’s new crochet cowl pattern book may be of interest to you. Sharon discusses this book and other topics in a recent interview posted on our website.

Tunisian Crochet for Baby Book by Sharon Hernes Silverman — Do you enjoy crocheting for either babies or toddlers? Do you LOVE Tunisian crochet, or want to learn more about it? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then this is a fantastic book for you to consider buying. Find out why in my detailed book review of this title.

Beastly Crochet — Do you like quirky, strange and offbeat projects? How about a crochet pattern book that’s written with wit and a sense of humor? Those were my main takeaways after reading this book, but if you want the full scoop I invite you to check out my book review.

The Best of Interweave Crochet — Get highlights from the first 5+ years of Interweave’s popular crochet magazine — without having to buy bunches of used magazine back issues. Fantastic technical articles, stylish patterns and excellent photography combine to make this a worthwhile buy, even in 2018, which is quite a few years after the magazine issues’ original publication dates.

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In some, but not all cases, the publishers provided review copies for me to work with. In some cases I checked the book(s) out at the library. Whether I paid for a book with my own money, borrowed a copy, or was given a sample to review, in any case, I’ve diligently tried to provide fair and unbiased reviews that reflect my honest opinion, and give you an honest look at both the pros and cons of each title.

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