One-color projects are lovely, and there are many benefits to making them. However, you may be ready to break out of the one-color box, and if you are, we have some fantastic colorwork patterns, articles and instructions for you to use.

Crochet Stripes

Knit Stripes

Tapestry Crochet

Tapestry crochet is a colorwork technique in which the crafter can utilize two or more different colors of yarn, thread or fiber in the same row. It’s frequently worked using a modified version of the single crochet stitch, with the main difference being that each stitch has a strand of yarn hidden inside it.

To work this technique, you’ll have one active yarn at any given time, and one or more inactive yarns. You crochet overtop of the inactive yarn(s) to hide them when you don’t need them; then when you need one of them, you can just work a color change in the usual way, drop the active yarn, and pick up the new color you want to begin working with.

Want to see some examples of this? If so, check out the following projects and patterns:

Colorwork Patterns in Afghan Stitch

Colorwork Case Studies:

How Many Variegated Yarns Is Too Many? This mind-boggling question is answered through an examination of successful and not-so-successful projects.

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