DIY Christmas Gift Basket (Free Crochet Pattern) Crochet This Beautiful Gift Basket; Then Fill It With Christmas Candy, Treats or Gifts

Want to Make Up a DIY Christmas Gift Basket for a Friend or Colleage? If So, You're Invited to Grab This Free Crochet Pattern.
Want to Make Up a DIY Christmas Gift Basket for a Friend or Colleage? If So, You’re Invited to Grab This Free Crochet Pattern.

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without all the gift-giving that goes on. Gifts are central to the modern-day idea of the Christmas holiday; they are an inseparable part of the Christmas celebration.

For crafters, Christmas offers a unique opportunity to design and create exactly the gifts we want to give — personalized gifts made with passion, insight and integrity.

This pattern was designed especially for those of you who might like to give gift baskets to any of the recipients on your gift list. The basket is an interesting project to crochet, and the result is a unique container that you can personalize in many ways.

If you’re giving the basket as a Christmas gift, it’s kind of a no-brainer to use traditional Christmas colors: red, green and white (as pictured.) However, other color combinations could be an improvement, so don’t hesitate to get artistic with your color scheme.

Get the Free Basket Pattern:

The Christmas gift basket pattern is posted online — for free — at

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