Christmas Patterns Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns for Christmas

Looking for Christmas patterns to knit and crochet? If so, you just hit the jackpot. You found the mother lode of free patterns for making Christmas ornaments, Christmas decorations, Christmas blankets, holiday table settings, Christmas scarves, Christmas jewelry, Christmas gifts — and more. We invite you to browse through this list and grab as many of these patterns as you like. These Christmas patterns are all available for free on the Internet.

Christmas Ornaments

Want to deck your halls with handmade Christmas ornaments and other fabulous DIY Christmas decorations? If so, this is the place to load up on free patterns, tutorials and inspiration.

More Ornaments:

Holiday Table Settings, and Kitchen Patterns for Christmas

This Christmas table setting includes a crocheted placemat, a beaded Christmas napkin ring, and a linen napkins with a crocheted edging.

This Christmas table setting includes a crocheted placemat, a beaded Christmas napkin ring, and a linen napkins with a crocheted edging. You can find free crochet patterns for making all of these items online.

For some people, the holidays are really nothing more than a good excuse to throw Christmas parties, scarf Christmas cookies, drink eggnog and cook up some epic meals. So we think it’s important to offer a variety of patterns enabling you to set a gorgeous holiday table, and also to keep things looking festive in the kitchen.

Napkin Rings Suitable for Christmas:

Christmas Potholders:

Free potholder patterns for making the projects pictured above, from left to right:

Not pictured:

Christmas Decorations

Want to update your home decor for the holidays this year? If so, any of the following home decor patterns could inspire you.

Christmas Appliques

You can magically transform just about any item, including store-bought items, into Christmas projects. It’s easy! Just stitch a Christmas-themed applique to the item, and there you have it. An ordinary scarf can become a Christmas scarf, or an everyday hat can become a Christmas hat using this method. You can also use appliques to dress up plain Christmas tree skirts, Christmas stockings, and more.

Christmas Gift Baskets, Giftwrap Ideas and Gift Containers

Christmas Accessories

‘Tis the season to dress up in festive Christmas scarves and accessories.

Christmas Jewelry Patterns

Get free instructions and ideas for making your own Christmas jewelry. Whether you want to make jewelry for yourself or to give as gifts to your friends, family and colleagues, these free patterns and tutorials are sure to inspire you.

Free crochet patterns – pictured above, from left to right:

Not pictured:

Christmas Squares and Edging Patterns

Not pictured:

So there you have it: that’s our roundup of free Christmas patterns to knit and crochet. We hope you found bunches of worthwhile patterns to either work on or add to your pattern archives.

More Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you need to produce the coolest-ever Christmas gift for a knitter or crocheter in your inner circle? If so, you’ll want to check out our current Christmas gift guide featuring a mix of spectacular gift ideas. Some of the suggestions cover the trendiest yarns and needlework gadgets available. Others cover the best, highest quality time-tested classics that have been around for years — with good reason. Whether your gift recipient prefers the latest needlecraft gear or old-school traditional favorite craft supplies, you’ll find ideas for gifts you’ll be proud to give at Christmas or any time.

More Christmas Crafts

Want to find even more Christmas craft ideas? Since you’re the creative type, we figure you might like to browse through even more pages of handmade Christmas craft projects:

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