Afghan Stitch Bracelet in Wire Crochet Free Crochet Pattern and Instructions

Afghan Stitch Bracelet in Wire Crochet
Afghan Stitch Bracelet in Wire Crochet

I enjoy messing around with different crochet techniques.

Tunisian crochet is one of my favorites. It’s fascinating to explore the infinite possibilities for working in this technique, which has been handed down to us from times past. My vintage crochet books include cryptic instructions for many different Tunisian crochet stitches, including the afghan stitch and others.

I also find wire crochet endlessly fascinating. I’ve completed quite a few projects in this technique. While I don’t find it relaxing to work in this technique, I do usually love the results.



OK, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. Make that sometimes. Sometimes I love the results.

The thing is, wire crochet is not always the ideal technique for perfectionists. If you find it satisfying to crochet nice, neat, precise, evenly spaced stitches, you may find wire crochet a bit disappointing. While it’s technically possible to crochet evenly using wire, in practice it is pretty darned difficult to do.

This is one reason why I love the results sometimes, and sometimes not.

When working in yarn, I’ve practiced the afghan stitch to the point that I’m technically proficient at working it; I’m able to make a pretty tidy fabric using the stitch.

When I tried working the afghan stitch in wire, however, all of that went right out the window.

In the picture above, you can see my first attempt at working the afghan stitch using wire. I crocheted a small sample strip of the stitch using copper craft wire, which I then transformed into a beaded bracelet.

I think this design is pretty, and it has significant potential — although I’m not entirely happy with my first attempt. I’ve concluded that it would take more practice for me to produce a piece that’s up to my usual standards.

If you’d like to read more about my experiences with making this bracelet, and the techniques I’ve used to complete it, I invite you to take a look at the free bracelet pattern and instructions that I have shared.

If you’re new to the wire crochet technique, this is NOT a good starter project; I’d recommend trying this beaded wire crochet napkin ring first. That project is much easier than this one is.

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Have you tried Tunisian crochet yet? Would you either like to give it a try (if you haven’t yet), or improve your skills (if you have)?

Tunisian crochet is one of Sharon Silverman’s specialties. Sharon has written multiple books covering various aspects of this fascinating and useful crochet technique. If Tunisian crochet is of interest to you, I’m thinking you’ll probably be interested in learning more about Sharon’s latest projects.

The Tunisian Shawls Pattern Book by Sharon Silverman, Published by Leisure Arts.
The Tunisian Shawls Pattern Book by Sharon Silverman, Published by Leisure Arts.

When I got the news about a few of Sharon’s most recent Tunisian crochet books, I approached her to see if she’d be interested in collaborating on an interview for this website. She agreed, so I’m delighted to be able to share the interview we put together — which includes some pictures of her latest projects, plus some helpful tips and recommendations that I think will be of particular interest to people who are just getting started with Tunisian crochet.

Of course, no matter what your experience level with Tunisian crochet is, I’m guessing you’ll want to take a peek at this interview — because you’ll see some gorgeous project photos, and you’ll also find out which Tunisian crochet hooks Sharon recommends. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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