2018 New Year’s Resolutions and Goals for Knitters and Crocheters Set Some Goals for Your Knitting or Crocheting in the New Year!

Happy 2018, everyone! Who’s making New Year’s resolutions this year? Anyone want to share theirs?

If you need some goal-setting inspiration for a new year or any time, here’s a quick list of possible knitting, crochet and craft related resolutions you could make.

  • I will learn how to crochet or how to knit – for those who don’t already know how
  • I will teach someone how to crochet or knit- or even better, teach __* people how to crochet or knit
  • I will knit or crochet __* item(s) for charity
  • I will complete __* projects (or more)
  • I will finish or frog (unravel) all my unfinished projects
  • I will learn __* new knitting or crochet stitches
  • I will learn a new knitting or crochet skill — perhaps corner-to-corner to crochet or sock knitting
  • I will create an exquisite family heirloom to be passed down to a child or grandchild- perhaps a beaded bag worked from a vintage pattern, or an elegant lace tablecloth
  • I will organize my yarn / thread stash, and donate or give away any yarns / threads I don’t plan to use

*__= fill in this blank with whatever number you think would be a good goal. Pick a number that is small enough to be manageable, yet large enough that you’ll feel like you really accomplished something when you’ve reached the goal.

Resources for Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions:

Learn How to Crochet or Knit; Learn New Crochet and Knitting Skills: You can take a variety of different crochet, knitting and crafting classes either online or in person. If you’d be interested in the the online version, there are several resources I can recommend:

Learn New Knitting or Crochet Stitches: Here are a few you can try:

Afghan Stitch
Afghan Stitch

  • If you haven’t already learned Tunisian crochet stitches such as afghan stitch and Tunisian crochet mesh stitch, these stitches will greatly expand your capabilities in crochet.
  • Shell stitch
  • Edge stitches to knit and crochet
  • See more choices: free knitting and crochet stitch instructions
  • Get Inspiration for Organizing Your Yarn and Craft Supplies:

    Planning to get organized in 2018? Need some new organizers to keep your yarn looking its best for your crochet or knitting projects? The ArtBin Super Satchel 1-Compartment is the ideal organizer to use for this purpose.
    Planning to get organized in 2018? Need some new organizers to keep your yarn looking its best for your crochet or knitting projects? The ArtBin Super Satchel 1-Compartment is the ideal organizer to use for this purpose.

    • Take a look at my favorite yarn organizers and yarn organization strategies on this page. One higlight: A former colleague of mine, Beth Peterson, shared some truly inspiring photos of her organized crochet supplies. She’s been keeping everything in a basket, which is lined with a custom-made holder for her crochet hooks. Check it out!
    • How are your knitting, crochet and supplies organized? We’d love to have information about how you approach it; please share tips in the comments section.

    Learn New Knitting and Crochet Skills

    We’ve posted a wide variety of resources to help you with learning new skills and techniques in crochet.

    Share Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Are you making any knitting or crochet-related new year’s resolutions this year? If so, please share them in the comments section!

    Free Online Sock Knitting Class With Vickie Howell on November 9, 2017 Learn How to Knit Socks

    Sock Knitting Class With Vickie Howell: Knit Maker 201: Knit Socks
    Sock Knitting Class With Vickie Howell: Knit Maker 201: Knit Socks

    Would you like to learn how to knit socks? If so, perhaps you’ll be excited to learn about a free broadcast of Vickie Howell’s class called Knit Maker 201: Knit Socks at Creativelive. The free broadcast of this sock knitting class will take place on November 9-10, 2017. My understanding of the situation is that, if you want access to the free broadcast, you’ll have to RSVP for the class before it starts to air on November 9th. Tip: After you click through to the course description page, look up at the top right-hand side of your monitor for the black button that says “RSVP”. (There’s also a blue button that says “Buy” if you prefer to just buy the class and watch it immediately.)

    I RSVP’ed for the class and am looking forward to it. 🙂 I hope you’ll have a chance to check it out, too.

    This isn’t usually a free class; the regular class price is $29. So getting in on the free broadcast is actually a really good deal. If for some reason you miss the free broadcast, or any part of it, you’ll be able to access the class at its regular price any time afterwards.

    Creativelive offers bunches of excellent classes on a variety of topics — knitting, crochet, sewing, photography, business and more. You can click here to see what other classes are airing soon at CreativeLive.

    Learn More About Sock Knitting:

    Supplies You’ll Need for Sock Knitting

    To knit socks, you’ll need sock yarn and appropriate knitting needles. Most people knit socks using sets of double-pointed sock knitting needles. I’m pretty sure it’s also possible to knit socks using a circular knitting needle that has an ultra-short cord length — if you can find a needle that’s the right size.

    Where to Find Spectacular Sock Knitting Patterns

    Denise Samson included 4 excellent sock patterns in her book called The Cable Knitter’s Guide published by Trafalgar Square Books. The sock patterns are as follows:

    • Cozy Slippers — These are gorgeous cabled slipper socks that look like they’d be worth the effort — they are that pretty. If you knit gifts for loved ones, the slippers would be an extra-special gift.
    • Socks With Reversible Cables — These slouchy socks have cabled cuffs that you can pull up or fold down. The cables look the same on either side, so there’s no need to worry about hiding a “wrong” side.
    • Knit Socks With Reversible Cables from the Book The Cable Knitter's Guide by Denise Samson, Published by Trafalgar Square Books
      Knit Socks With Reversible Cables from the Book The Cable Knitter’s Guide by Denise Samson, Published by Trafalgar Square Books
    • Maj’s Ankle Socks — These elegant lace ankle socks feature a lovely cabled design.
    • Lace and Cable Knit Ankle Socks from the Book The Cable Knitter’s Guide by Denise Samson, Published by Trafalgar Square Books
    • Tormrod’s Stockings — These intricate cabled knee socks are guy-friendly; the author designed them for her significant other to wear on his camping trips and ski trips.

    The socks aren’t the only fantastic patterns in the book; this book is actually sort of like a cable stitch dictionary that also offers you finished patterns for trying out the cables. There are also excellent patterns for blankets, sweaters and bunches more accessories.

    My Sock Knitting Saga

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit socks. When I was a teenager, I invested the money in buying a lovely set of bamboo double-pointed needles; but I couldn’t figure out how to use them despite having looked at several books and magazine articles on the topic of sock knitting. I made an honest effort to learn how to knit socks, but without someone to show me the finer points, it wasn’t long before I lost interest. There were too many other amazing projects to work on. I decided to invest my efforts in knitting sweaters and hats, and I never actually returned to sock knitting.

    Until now…

    When I was traveling in Europe a few years ago, I bought a circular knitting needle that I think (hope) will work for knitting socks. I’m thinking it will be preferable to dealing with bunches of individual double-pointed needles. Having never successfully knit socks with any type of knitting needles, the jury is out on whether I will be able to do this. We’ll see!

    I’ll be pulling my circular and double-pointed knitting needles out of the closet and tuning in to Vickie Howell’s sock knitting class on November 9th to see if I can finally learn how to knit socks. Here’s hoping I’ll have more success this time around than I have in the past — and here’s hoping you’ll join me and learn how to knit socks, too!

    Make Delightful Rag Balls for Fabric Crochet or Knitting

    Red, White and Blue Rag Balls for Fabric Crochet or Knitting. Get Free Instructions for Making These Here at KnittingandCrochet.net.
    Red, White and Blue Rag Balls for Fabric Crochet or Knitting. Get Free Instructions for Making These Here at KnittingandCrochet.net.

    Do you ever get inspired just from looking at pretty materials? I often do. Case in point: I find these rag balls utterly charming. They make me want to pull out my hooks and needles and dive into creating some new projects.

    I think these red, white and blue printed rag balls would be smashing if combined in the same project. This would be an ideal color combination for those of you who are fans of Americana designs or country-style decorating.

    These colorful rag balls would also make up into charming projects for Fourth of July. I’m imagining sturdy placemats for the picnic table…coasters that look fab, plus protect the table from drippy, icy drinks…potholders to save your hands from those burning-hot-fresh-from-the-barbecue dishes you’ll want to be grilling up this summer…plus fashionable things too — bags, totes, jewelry and more.

    Have you ever made a rag ball? Do you want to give it a try? If so, click here for free instructions. They aren’t hard to make at all, just time-consuming. However, it’s well worth the effort if you’re looking to try something a little different than yarn. Or also, if you have a bunch of no-longer-needed linens or textiles accumulating at your place, and you think you’d like to up-cycle them.

    There are bunches of different things that you could use your rag balls for:

    • Glam it up with a colorful DIY necklace. (It’s easy!)
    • Try crocheting a rag rug. (A little more challenging, plus time-consuming — but fabulous.)
    • Make yourself a stunning rag bag tote. (You’ll never get tired of hearing “Where did you get that gorgeous bag?”)

    If you would like to try making those types of projects, be sure to grab the free patterns from the pages linked here.

    See Also:

    Knitting and Crochet in May: A Limerick

    Small Crochet Flowers With Popcorn Stitch Petals
    These pretty flower motifs make fantastic little projects for crocheting in the month of May — or any time.

    The glorious month of May
    Is a wonderful time to crochet.
    You can make jewelry and flowers
    and granny squares for hours
    and lovely presents for Mother’s Day.

    May is also a great time to sit
    outside in the sunshine and knit.
    Grab your needles and yarn,
    your wire and your plarn,
    and work on your projects a bit.

    What to Make for Mom This Mother’s Day

    This year, Mother’s Day will fall on Sunday, May 14, 20167. That gives you some time to delight a special Mom (or perhaps a grandmother, mother-in-law, or stepmom) by making a handmade gift to give her this Mother’s Day.

    If this is an idea that sounds interesting to you, we invite you to browse through our Mother’s Day gift ideas to find ideas for the perfect gift. Here we’ve presented a roundup of a few fantastic ideas for Mother’s Day craft projects; we hope you’ll be inspired by these suggestions.

    Design a Sweater That Your Mom Would Love!

    Design a Custom-Knit Sweater Your Mom Will Love With Melissa Leapman's New Book, 6,000+ Pullover Possibilities
    Design a Custom-Knit Sweater Your Mom Will Love With Melissa Leapman’s New Book, 6,000+ Pullover Possibilities

    Melissa Leapman is an authority on sweater knitting design. She’s enjoyed a successful career as a knitwear designer and has designed sweaters and sweater patterns for bunches of books, magazines and clothing companies. Melissa shares a simple, beginner-friendly, step-by-step sweater design process in a brand new book called 6,000+ Pullover Possibilities. So if you’ve always wanted to design custom-made sweaters to give as gifts to your loved ones, this book will guide you through the process. If your mom knits, the book itself would also be a spectacular gift for her. Click here to shop for the book at Amazon, or click here for more info in my detailed book review of this title.

    Knit or Crochet a Shawl for Mom

    Learn How to Knit a Variety of Stunning Shawls and Wraps Using the Patterns in Vogue Knitting Shawls and Wraps 2 by the Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine. This Delightful Pattern Book Is Published by Sixth & Spring Books.
    Find a Variety of Stunning Patterns for Shawls and Wraps in Vogue Knitting Shawls and Wraps 2 by the Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine. This Delightful Pattern Book Is Published by Sixth & Spring Books.

    Shawls make delightful gifts for moms and grandmas. Shawls can be warm, substantial and comforting; or light, lacy and frivolous. They can be casual or dressy, chic or unassuming, fancy or simple.

    Cozy Blankets for Mom

    If you’re a fast and dedicated crafter, you have plenty of time left to make a customized blanket just for mom. You could use granny squares or other crocheted squares if that type of blanket would appeal to her. Be sure to add a pretty border or edging to finish it off.

    Fabric Crochet Pendant Necklaces

    Easy Fabric Crochet Necklace - Free Tutorial and Pattern

    Jewelry makes a great gift for mom, and this pattern allows for a lot of personalization that would make each piece unique and perfect for your mom (or for whoever you want to make it for.)

    See Also:

    A Spa Gift Basket

    Crochet a basket for mom. Fill it with fancy, extra-special crocheted washcloths plus scented lotions, beautiful sculpted soaps and a bath puff — or whichever toiletries your mom would find most enjoyable.

    More Ideas and Patterns for Lovely Gifts to Make Mom

    There are so many things that moms might love that it's hard to fit them all in one blog post. I invite you to browse our website to find even more knitting and crochet patterns, some that mom might love, some to make for Dad for Father’s Day, and hopefully even some to use for making something nice for yourself too.

    If you enjoy crafts other than just knitting and crocheting, check out a list of the best Mother’s Day craft ideas at The Free Crafts Website.

    Sewing Lessons for Knitting and Crochet Enthusiasts

    It’s helpful for knitters and crocheters to understand basic sewing techniques. Perhaps you’ve crocheted a bunch of granny squares, and you want to stitch them together to create a blanket. Maybe you’ve knitted a beautiful tote bag, but it isn’t as practical as you’d like because you don’t know how to sew a lining for it. There’ll likely be times you need to know how to ease a knitted sleeve into your latest sweater or stitch the side seams in a baby hat you’re crocheting — and sewing skills are helpful to have when these tasks arise.

    Free Video Sewing Classes for Everyone

    This month, Creative Live is offering some of their sewing classes for free. You’d ordinarily have to pay a bundle for all these classes — so if you’d be interested in learning some new sewing techniques you’ll want to head over there and sign up ASAP.

    Crochetterie: A Beginner-Friendly Craft Book That Teaches You Both Crochet and Sewing Techniques

    When it comes to combining sewing and crochet projects, Molla Mills is an expert. Molla stitches up designer-quality crochet bags with leather details, fabric linings and other distinctive details. If you’d like to learn her secrets for how to do this, you’ll want to check out her brand new book called Crochetterie: Cool Contemporary Crochet for the Creatively Minded:

    Free Sewing Tutorials for Knitters and Crocheters

    You can learn how to sew fabric strips together to make rag balls. The rag balls are excellent substitutes for yarn; use them to crochet rugs, purses and tote bags, placemats, trivets and more.
    You can learn how to sew fabric strips together to make rag balls. The rag balls are excellent substitutes for yarn; use them to crochet rugs, purses and tote bags, placemats, trivets and more.

    If you want to finish your knitting or crochet projects flawlessly, here are some free sewing instructions you can use for that purpose.

    • Free Lining Tutorial — Learn how to sew a lining for a crocheted or knitted pouch or bag.
    • Free Whip Stitch Sewing Tutorial — Whip stitch is one of my favorite methods for joining granny squares and sewing seams on crocheted pieces. Here’s a step-by-step whip stitch tutorial with photos.
    • Side Seams Sewing Tutorial — This tutorial shows you how to sew the side seams on a pair of simple crocheted fingerless gloves. You can use the same basic method on other projects like hats and sweaters too.
    • How to Make a Rag Ball — Learn how to sew fabric strips together to create rag balls you can use instead of yarn for fabric crochet and fabric knitting.

    Crochet, Knitting and Other Creative Classes at My New Favorite Website

    I have a new favorite website. I love this site for bunches of reasons:

    • They make a huge variety of interesting video-based creative classes available on topics that interest me — crafts, photography, business and much more.
    • They let you view bunches of different video classes for free with no strings attached. If you enjoy the class enough to want to watch it again, you have the opportunity to pay for access to the class — but they don’t pressure you to do so. I think this business model is win-win for everyone.
    • The videos don’t have annoying ads on them the way Youtube videos often do.
    • Their instructors have a talent for making complex topics interesting and easier to understand.
    • This site has many famous class instructors on board. To give some examples, if you need a beginner’s class for knitting or crochet, you could take a class from Vickie Howell through this website. Anne Geddes has photography classes available through this website.
    • The videos I’ve seen so far have all been high-quality and worth watching.
    • I like hearing from the people at this site. They send interesting emails that I often open and read. Their blog is filled with helpful posts, and I’ve learned quite a bit from reading their posts and watching their classes.
    • They offer frequent sales and discounts on their paid classes. Their class prices vary greatly, but tend to be reasonable to start with — so their sale prices typically represent an outstanding value.

    Want to check out this site? Here are some links you might find helpful:

    Special Finishing Touches: Fringes, Trims and Edgings

    Exquisite finishing touches can make a big difference in distinguishing handcrafted items from their machine-made counterparts.

    Fringe is a particularly luxurious finishing touch. It utilizes a great deal of material, and it takes time to maintain it well, so it isn’t for everyone — but if you are able to deal with those challenges, the results can be stunning.

    There are a variety of ways to make fringe. If you’d like to finish off a knitting project, crochet project or other craft project using fringe, check out these free fringe patterns, instructions and tutorials, posted at freecrafts.info. You’ll find bunches of different ideas to inspire you, including knit and crochet fringe plus fringes made in other craft techniques — suede fringe, beaded fringe and more.

    Dress Up These Knitting or Crochet Projects With Fringe:

    • Scarves: Instead of weaving in your loose ends, incorporate them into knotted tassels or fringe. It’s a time-saver, plus it’s an eye-catching finishing touch.
    • Throws, Blankets and Afghans: It’s even more of a time-saver when you finish off multicolored blankets and throws using fringe instead of weaving the ends in.
    • Ponchos, Wraps and Shawls: Many knitted and crocheted ponchos just beg to be finished with fringe. Some casual wraps and shawls do, too. The fringe could also go dressy if done carefully; in moderation, beaded fringe is an option for elegant evening shawls. You just have to keep it simple on the beading, since beads are heavy and you don’t want your wrap weighing you down when you’re out on the town.
    • Purses and Bags: Finishing the lower edge of a bag or purse with fringe gives it a whole different look than you’d have without it. This is an especially interesting option for seamed bags, but there are other options as well. You can easily create an area for anchoring fringe to an un-seamed bag by adding a line of surface crochet slip stitch in the spot you want your fringe to be; then you work the fringe into the ridge created by the slip stitches.

    Trims, Edgings and Borders

    Fringe isn’t for everyone; if you’re seeking a unique way to finish off a knitted or crocheted item, you might wish to find just the right border, edging or trim that will complement it and make it look extra special.

    For Blankets and Afghans: Borders and edgings are popular finishing touches for blankets and afghans. For projects like these, you usually want to choose an edging or border that includes instructions for turning a corner. Here are a few suggestions for those:

    For Towels, Sheets and Pillowcases: It’s lovely to finish off the lower edges of a towel with a pretty trim or edging. For sheets, I usually only trim one edge. For pillowcases, I usually trim only the outer opening. For these sorts of edgings, I prefer to choose an edging design that does not include a corner. Here are a few suggestions:

    These aren’t the only projects that can benefit from edgings. If a project has an edge, you could probably add an edging to it. You could add pretty lace edgings to the lower edges of pants that need lengthening. You could dress up the edges of ankle socks with pretty lace trim. You could even add trim to certain simple open tote bags (ones that don’t close with zippers, so there are upper edges to work with.) I’m sure you know of many other examples where trim would enhance the project significantly.

    The pictures above show you just a few of the free trim and edging patterns available online. To see many more possibilities, be sure to visit our page of free knit and crochet edging patterns.

    See Also:

    Knit or Crochet a Shawl for Fall

    You can use fall colors to knit or crochet yourself a splendid shawl using any of these free shawl and wrap patterns. There are some lovely free shawl instructions available for you to use. Check ’em out!

    Other Fall Knitting and Crochet Projects:

    Knitting & Crochet Newsletter