Dressing in Crochet for the Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect time to show off your crocheted lovelies! If you don’t have any lovelies to show off, or if you do but you want some new ones, now is a great time to make some for yourself. Some of these projects are versatile enough to be worn for any holiday from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. Others are specifically meant to be Christmas designs. Hopefully you’ll find some new wardrobe pieces to make and add to your closet now that the holiday season is upon us.

Festive Jeweled Neck Warmer

When you're thinking of dressing in crochet for the holidays, consider making this easy crochet neck warmer scarf. It's suitable for crafters of every skill level, even total beginners to crochet.
When you’re thinking of dressing in crochet for the holidays, consider making this easy crochet neck warmer scarf. It’s suitable for crafters of every skill level, even total beginners to crochet.

When I first imagined this easy crochet neck warmer, I was hoping to create a design that would be ideal for the the winter holiday season — something that would be warm, yet impressive enough to wear out to Christmas parties, family gatherings, holiday festivities and such.

I think this neck warmer turned out to be exactly the type of wardrobe piece I had in mind. This design is almost a hybrid between a necklace and a scarf; it’s warmer than a necklace would be, and it’s dressier than your typical winter scarf is. It’s also a quick, easy project that’s suitable for total beginners to crochet. For a crocheter with some experience, it won’t take long to whip this up. For beginners, I don’t think there’s any such thing as a truly quick project — but even for a beginner, this is a much quicker project than usual. So if you want to spend a little time kicking back and relaxing with your crochet amid the holiday hubbub, this pattern is a really good one to reach for.

Shawls and Wraps

Shawls are so beautiful, and the extra bit of warmth is always welcome during the winter season. Check out these shawl and wrap patterns for some fabulous choices.

Crochet Pattern Books Featuring Dressy, Holiday-Friendly Shawls

There are some fantastic crochet pattern books available that are exclusively dedicated to giving you shawl patterns. My favorite so far is Sara Kay Hartmann’s book called Poetic Crochet — but there are many other fantastic choices available in addition to that book.

Fancy Cuff-Style Christmas Bracelet (Free Crochet Pattern)

Wire Lace Cuff Bracelet -- Free Crochet Pattern
Wire Lace Cuff Bracelet — Free Crochet Pattern

This stylish cuff bracelet is crocheted in two colors of wire, and it’s accented with contrasting yet complementary beads. I crocheted my sample bracelet in Christmas colors — red and green wire, with bronze-colored seed bead accents.

As is, it’s a great look for those of you who would like to wear it during the Christmas season. But, if you’d like it to be wearable all year long, all it would take is a color change to make the bracelet in more of an everyday color palette. Why not try making it in silver, gold and bronze? Or perhaps in vibrant, bohemian hues of colored wire. If you have a favorite floral dress, try using a green-colored wire that matches the green leaves on the flowers; instead of the red wire, use whichever color is the main flower color; and instead of the bronze, substitute whichever color is used in the background of the floral fabric on the dress. Voila! Now you have the perfect accessory to wear with your dress.

This is another quick project that doesn’t involve a big time commitment.

Grab These Christmas Patterns and More:

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A Festive Flower Motif to Crochet for Christmas or Any Time Get the Free Crochet Flower Pattern and Tutorial Right Here on Our Website

A Festive Flower Motif to Crochet for Christmas or Any Time
A Festive Flower Motif to Crochet for Christmas or Any Time — Red Wool Crocheted Flower With Ribbon Bow – Click this Photo to See the Free Crochet Pattern for this Crocheted Flower

I’ve crocheted this flower what seems like zillions of different times now, and each time I’ve enjoyed finding different ways to embellish it. One of my favorite ideas so far is this simple and pretty ribbon bow, which I attached to the front of the flower with sewing thread and a few discreet stitches.

I crocheted this flower in red wool yarn; I’m thinking a red wool flower makes a nice embellishment for a lot of different projects, and would have multiple uses during the upcoming holidays. When December rolls around, it could be used for Christmas items, and then when February comes it could also double as a Valentine accent too.

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Free Crochet Pattern for a Hanukkah Wine Bottle Cozy

Free Crochet Pattern for a Hanukkah Wine Bottle Cozy
Free Crochet Pattern for a Hanukkah Wine Bottle Cozy

Hanukkah is coming up soon; this year’s Hanukkah celebration begins on the evening of Sunday, December 2, 2018.

If you celebrate Hanukkah, and you plan to have wine as part of your celebration, it might be nice to have a wine bottle cozy handy — especially if you will need to transport the wine to the home of a friend or loved one.

Pictured here: the wine bottle cozy embellished with an embroidered menorah patch. If you’d rather embellish it in a different way, I’ve provided several other ideas for you to check out on the pattern page:

This bottle cozy fits a bottle of Manischewitz kosher wine, as pictured; but that isn’t your only option for filling it. It also fits some of the square hard liquor bottles, like Jim Beam whiskey bottles and Jose Cuervo tequila bottles. There may be others; those are just a couple I happened to test when I was at the store. It also fits a fancy vintage crystal decanter I got at a flea market.

I think this is a fun and interesting project to work on, and, if appropriately filled, it makes a great hostess gift. I hope you’ll enjoy the free pattern.

To all our Jewish friends and subscribers, we wish you a blessed Hanukkah! Hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday.

Halloween: The Ideal Holiday for Beastly Crochet Patterns

Brenda K.B. Anderson’s pattern book, Beastly Crochet, wasn’t specifically intended to be a book of Halloween patterns. However, if you celebrate Halloween, October is a great time for crocheting the patterns in the book. That’s because this pattern collection is all Halloween friendly.

Beastly Crochet Book by Brenda K.B. Anderson, Published by Interweave Press
Beastly Crochet Book by Brenda K.B. Anderson, Published by Interweave Press

For example, let’s take the critters on the Beastly Crochet book cover (pictured.) If you look closely at their mouths, you’ll see these little monsters are stuffed with candy. They’re the perfect storage units for all the Halloween candy your little trick-or-treaters or party-goers might collect on Halloween night. Cute, aren’t they? You can crochet and felt them using the pattern and instructions given in this book.

If you want to make Halloween costumes for yourself or a child you know, this book has patterns you could use. There’s a super cute pattern for Sasquatch Slippers and Mittens, which I think might also work as bear claws. So you could dress up as a sasquatch or a bear if you make these. There’s also a vampire hat which could be the basis for an interesting Halloween costume.

The sweet skull hairpins are totally Halloween friendly. If those aren’t quite what you had in mind, you can check out bunches more knit and crochet skull patterns on our website. The link takes you to a list that’s mostly free patterns aside from the ones included in this book. The book also includes a sugar skull bag pattern, which I think is a little creepy — but I guess that’s the idea, right?

One of the fantastic things about this book is that the patterns are great for Halloween, but you can also use them at other times too. That translates to a great value for the time and money you spend on both the book and the projects. A big thumbs up to that!

Overall I really enjoyed this book, which tells you a lot since I am not someone who ordinarily enjoys crocheting skulls or creepy projects.

If you want more details about the book and its contents, I invite you to click here for my detailed book review.

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Celebrate “I Love Yarn” Day 2017 With Easy Crochet Projects for Beginners

I Love Yarn Day --Celebrate With  Crochet, Knitting and Yarn Crafts
I Love Yarn Day — Crochet, Knitting and Yarn Crafts
Guess what! Today is “I Love Yarn Day”, an extra-special day the Craft Yarn Council has designated for fun activities, yarncraft project ideas and free patterns just for the occasion. If you’d like to win some new knitting and crochet supplies, check out the I Love Yarn Day scavenger hunt featuring a spectacular prize package:

List of FUN, AMAZING Prizes for YARN LOVERS:

Send your scavenger hunt entries to the Craft Yarn Council before the deadline, which is October 21st 11:59 pm CT, and you will be entered to win 1 of 20 prizes totaling more than $1,200:

  • Interchangeable “Takumi” Circular Knitting Needle Combo Set
  • Interchangeable “Takumi” Tunisian Crochet Hook Combo Set
  • Prize package of Red Heart yarns
  • 3 Clover PomPom Makers
  • 2, 1- year subscriptions to Creativebug online classes
  • 3 sets of booklets from Leisure Arts: Emoji Crochet, New Twist on Macramé and Yarn Crafts
  • Prize package of yarn from Lion Brand Yarn Co.
  • Amazon gift card from Prime Publishing
  • 1-year subscription to I Like Crochet digital magazine from Prime Publishing
  • 3 Boye Pom Pom Tassel Makers
  • 2 Prize packages of newest yarns from Yarnspirations
  • 2 Vogue Knitting Ultimate Knitting Books
  • Just imagine all the gorgeous projects you could make if you were to win any of these goodies! If you’re new to knitting or crochet and you don’t already have a yarn and pattern stash accumulated, winning one of these prizes would definitely be a great start! And if you’re an experienced crafter, as you already know, you can never have too many yarncrafting supplies…

    Stitching It Forward: Teach Others How to Craft With Yarn:

    Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving, Spinning and Yarn Bombing

    As part of this special celebration, the Craft Yarn Council has requested that ALL fiber fans will share our love for yarn and “stitch it forward” by teaching at least one other person to knit, crochet, weave, spin or yarnbomb. Since crochet is the yarncraft I’m most proficient at, I would be honored to teach YOU how to crochet if you do not already know how. To get you started, I’ve put together the following list of free tutorials and easy crochet patterns for beginners:

    Learn How to Crochet With Free Instructions and Tutorials:

    A slip knot is the first thing you need to know when you’re learning how to crochet. Click here to see a free crochet slip knot tutorial.

    A slip knot is NOT the only way to start crochet projects — but it is one of the most popular ways. See how to start crochet for some other insights about how to get a crochet project started.

    Learn How to Crochet a Granny Square for Beginners
    Learn How to Crochet a Granny Square. Cascade 220 Is the Yarn I Used to Crochet This Square.

    When I teach beginners how to crochet, I recommend the granny square as an ideal first crochet project. To crochet the most basic, beginner-friendly granny square, you’ll need to know how to work the chain stitch, the slip stitch and the double crochet stitch:

    This easy crochet neck warmer is another beginner-friendly crochet project:

    Easy Crochet Neck Warmer Pattern for Beginners
    Easy Crochet Neck Warmer Pattern for Beginners

    There are many other amazing crochet stitches to learn, but there are bunches of projects you can make with only the chain, double crochet and slip stitch. The pretty neck warmer pictured above is a crochet project that only requires the chain stitch and the double crochet stitch.

    If you want to learn even more, I invite you tocontact me and ask to be added to my list of knitting and crochet newsletter subscribers. I often make new patterns, stitch tutorials, book reviews and other resources available that I think you will enjoy.

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    Dressing Up for New Year’s Eve DIY Fashion Ideas for the First Holiday of the New Year

    Rose Chip Bead Necklace in Wire Crochet

    Want to whip up something special to wear on New Year’s Eve? Here are a few ideas, with links to free patterns for crocheting each item.

    A lace wrap would look stunning worn overtop of a little black dress. There are so many incredible shawl and wrap options that it’s a challenge to choose just one, but I’m eyeing the Luna Moth shawl as one possibility. I think it would be a gorgeous holiday wrap, yet wearable for many other occasions (and non-occasions) too.

    Jeweled Neck Warmer — I designed this easy, beginner-friendly neck warmer with the holiday season in mind. This piece is sort of like a cross between a necklace and a scarf; it’s warmer than a necklace would be, and it’s dressier than your average winter scarf. In fact, it’s dressy enough to wear out on New Year’s Eve, so if you are tired of freezing in the name of fashion, why not give this project a try.

    This gorgeous necklace is lovely for accessorizing on any occasion that calls for a bit of sparkle. It’s a bit artsy and, I think, totally fabulous. It’s often a conversation-starter when I wear mine; people are typically fascinated by the dichroic glass pendant, and interested to learn that each one is unique and handmade.

    If you’re spending your New Year’s Eve socializing with a rather conservative group, a pearl necklace might be a better choice in the jewelry department.

    Red, White and Blue Jewelry for Fourth of July

    This red, white and blue necklace is part of a roundup of red, white and blue jewelry DIY projects to knit and crochet for 4th of July, or any other occasion that warrants wearing patriotic colors.
    This red, white and blue necklace is part of a roundup of red, white and blue jewelry DIY projects to knit and crochet for 4th of July, or any other occasion that warrants wearing patriotic colors.

    In the picture at right, you can see one of my many fabric crochet necklaces. I crocheted this piece using red and white fabric strips, then added some blue wire-wrapped pendants. The result: a beautiful red, white and blue necklace that’s cute for wearing with shorts, jeans, skirts, button-down shirts and / or t-shirts. It’s a fantastic piece to use for 4th of July accessorizing, and it’s also appropriate to wear just about any time of year.

    I adore this color combination — but if you don’t care for it, you could make the necklace in any colors you choose. As a matter of fact, this colorway wasn’t my first choice. I’ve re-worked this same necklace pattern many different times, and my original color choices were much different. The first few times I crocheted this design, I used some wild, colorful batik print fabrics. You can see ’em if you click here.

    This bracelet (not pictured) is another great choice for wearing on Independence Day. It’s bright and sparkly, and the red and blue colors look lovely together.

    Those are a couple of projects that I have already crocheted in Fourth-of-July-friendly colors, but the truth is, you could make just about any of our jewelry patterns using combinations of red and white, blue and white, or red white and blue. I invite you to take a look at the patterns and feel free to put your own unique spin on them, whether by changing the colors or other details to make them your own.

    More DIY Projects and 4th of July Ideas:

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