9 Things to Do With Crocheted and Knitted Skull Designs

I’ll be the first to admit that skulls aren’t really my thing. Even so, I thought of bunches of different reasons a person might want to crochet or knit some skull motifs.

  1. Know any punk rockers, skateboarders and / or goth fans? If so, skull appliques could be useful for accenting projects you make for them; you could add ’em to plain hats, fingerless gloves, etc, to give the project an “edgier” look.
  2. Wear them to horror movies and / or rock concerts.
  3. For those of you who celebrate Halloween, skulls make great Halloween decorations.
  4. They’re also useful additions to handmade Halloween costumes.
  5. Use ’em on any occasion that involves pirates, or dressing up as pirates.
  6. You can use skull appliques to mark any dangerous item in your home. This may sound a little silly, but it would be a good visual reminder to be cautious in the presence of that dangerous item.
  7.  I used some of my skull appliques as embellishments in a scrapbook.
  8. They would make creepy additions to hair pins, headbands and hair clips.
  9. Additionally, we’ve found patterns where skulls are featured in just about every kind of configuration you could think of, and they are used for embellishing everything from blankets to garlands.

If these ideas sound appealing to you, I invite you to visit our list of 28 skull patterns to crochet and knit.  Most of these patterns are free and easily accessible on the Internet. Drop by anytime and check ’em out.

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Amy Solovay



Halloween Projects and Ideas Get Ideas and Patterns for Knitting and Crocheting Bunches of Fun Halloween Projects

At the moment, it seems to me like Halloween is far in the distant future. In my neighborhood, the weather is now a little cooler than it was last month — but that doesn’t mean it’s chilly here, by any means. The slight temperature drop around here just means that it’s now tolerably hot outside, instead of being unbearably hot.

This Crochet Skull Applique Is Included on Our List of Halloween Patterns. This Is a Free Crochet Pattern Designed by Amy Solovay
This Crochet Skull Applique Is Included on Our List of Halloween Patterns. This Is a Free Crochet Pattern Designed by Amy Solovay.

Weather aside, a look at the calendar reminds me that fall is fast approaching, and that Halloween is less than 2 short months away. Halloween falls on Wednesday, October 31, 2019 this year. For crafters and do-it-yourselfers who celebrate Halloween, the time has come to plan for Halloween projects, Halloween parties, and handmade Halloween costumes.

With that in mind, I’ve begun collecting patterns for, and links to, knitted and crocheted Halloween projects and ideas.

27 Skull Patterns to Knit and Crochet — So far, this page of skull and skeleton patterns is one of the most comprehensive pattern hubs on our website. I’ve posted links to every free knitted or crocheted skull pattern I could find on the Internet, and I also posted some links to some pay-for patterns as well. I hope you’ll find this list helpful if you want to make a Halloween project featuring a skull or skeleton motif.

Knit and Crochet Halloween Patterns — This is an assortment of Halloween patterns which includes trick-or-treat bags, candy baskets, skull designs and more.

This list is in its infancy, and I plan to update it with bunches more patterns as I discover them. If you’re a crochet or knitting pattern designer who has recently posted a new Halloween pattern, I invite you to let me know about it by email. I’d love to share bunches more quality patterns with my readers here.

Where to Find a Pattern for a Crochet Shawl With Skull Motifs

Barbara writes,

Hi Amy,

I hope you can help me. I would like to find a crochet shawl with skull motifs pattern please written in English…
Thanks so much…


My Response:

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for getting in touch! It’s lovely to hear from you, and I really appreciate your interest.

I’ve posted a page that includes links to bunches of different skull patterns I found on the Internet. One of the patterns listed on the page is a shawl. There are also several charted patterns and scarves that could be expanded into shawls if you have an understanding of how to modify patterns.

Another thing you could do is crochet any shawl you like, and then stitch skull appliques onto the finished piece where you want them — perhaps even a creative mix of appliques with skulls and flower appliques around the edge of the shawl, or something like that. The page includes a whole bunch of skull applique patterns you could use for that purpose, and I have some crochet flower patterns and other sorts of appliques as well.

I invite you to take a look at that page and see if any of the designs inspire you.

Best wishes,

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