Who’s Knitting or Crocheting Christmas Gifts This Year?

Kitchen Gift Set to Crochet for Christmas or Any Time
Kitchen Gift Set to Crochet for Christmas or Any Time

Are you in need of patterns for knitting or crocheting Christmas gifts for your loved ones, friends and colleagues? If so, our website is a great place to find project ideas, free patterns and recommendations for pay-for patterns that are truly worth the money.

Pictured above is a set that includes 2 crocheted potholders and one dishcloth. This set makes use of both Tunisian crochet and traditional crochet techniques for an interesting project that is as much fun to make as it is to give. I made my project samples in red, yellow and blue — but wouldn’t this set be adorable if you were to crochet it in red, white and green for Christmas? Or, you could re-color it into just about any 3 colors to match bakeware, dinnerware, kitchen decor, etc. If you have friends or relatives who like to bake Christmas cookies every year, this set would be a charming gift to give each of them.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Tunisian crochet, don’t worry; we’ve posted a free afghan stitch tutorial that will teach you the easy, basic stitch you need to know for crocheting these projects.

The patterns for making this set are free here on our website:

If you like this idea, but the set you see pictured above isn’t quite what you had in mind, I invite you to browse through our potholder patterns and dishcloth patterns to find more ideas. I’ve posted patterns for numerous other potholders and dishcloths that you might enjoy making — some of which are more “Christmas-y” than this set is. Here are a few highlights:

Christmas Crochet Potholder Patterns

Wonderful Knitting Patterns for Christmas and Other Occasions

Arne & Carlos Favorites includes Holiday patterns for Christmas, Halloween and Easter, plus everyday patterns too.
Arne & Carlos Favorites includes Holiday patterns for Christmas, Halloween and Easter, plus everyday patterns too.

Arne & Carlos Favorite Designs: This is an AMAZING book filled with gift-worthy patterns for Christmas ornaments, knitted birds, toys, dolls, crochet blankets, knitted slippers, Scandinavian-style sweaters and bunches of other super cool projects. If you’re a proficient knitter, and you want to buy one craft pattern book that could give you patterns to use for making gifts for basically everyone on your gift list, this would be my suggestion for the book to buy. Most of the patterns are for knitters, with a few crochet and embroidery projects included as well.

If you need more Christmas gift ideas, I invite you to check out the following pages on our website:

I hope you and yours will have a blessed holiday season this year!

Crochet a Ladies’ Scarf for Christmas

Crochet a Ladies' Scarf for Christmas
Crochet a Ladies’ Scarf for Christmas

Want to crochet a ladies’ scarf for Christmas? If so, you have zillions of possible choices — but the one pictured here is a particularly lovely choice. It’s totally gift worthy. And if you celebrate Christmas, this cheerful scarf could be a fantastic addition to your own wardrobe, too.

For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas — and even for those of you who do — a quick color change would transform this scarf into an everyday design you could wear any time. You might prefer to crochet it in colors that match a favorite outfit, or a favorite sports team’s colors. There are many possibilities. I crocheted a couple of other versions in different holiday-themed colors.

The free crochet pattern is available here on our website, along with many other similar and not-so-similar patterns that might also be of interest. I invite you to browse through our pattern library to find a variety of different options for future crochet projects you’ll enjoy.

Thanks so much for your visit to KnittingandCrochet.net today!

Make-Ahead Christmas Gifts to Give Unexpected Guests

Do you have a big family? How about a bunch of friends, co-workers, and nearby neighbors?

On one hand, it’s lovely to have a large network of people you know — and can turn to for insights, gossip, entertainment, fun or help as needed.

On the other hand, the more people you know, and the more people you have in your life, the more likely you are to forget about somebody important when gift-giving occasions occur.

This is something that’s easily avoided with a little pre-planning.

The secret: create a space, perhaps a shelf in your closet, unused cupboard in the kitchen, or area in the garage, that’s devoted specifically to gifts for upcoming holidays and occasions. Devote most of the space to gifts you want to give to the main players in your life — but also set aside at least part of the space for stashing some make-ahead gifts that would be appropriate for many different people. These would be gifts you can give to unexpected guests.

Throughout the year, stock this space with likely-looking items that you either buy on sale, or make ahead of time.

This need not be just a stash of Christmas gifts. You may wish to keep a few baby items on hand so you always have something ready if you get a last-minute baby shower invitation. It’s also a good idea to have some birthday-friendly items, and an assortment of greeting cards, ready to put in your stash.

A Few Ideas for Stocking Your Make-Ahead Gift Stash:

If there are bunches of kids on your gift list, amigurumi toys are fantastic items to stash.

Christmas ornaments are failsafe gifts for people who celebrate Christmas. (Do avoid giving them to anyone who’s Jewish or Messianic…or for that matter, anyone at all who doesn’t celebrate Christmas.)

If your crowd is of-age and enjoys alcoholic beverages, bottles of liqueur or wine, tucked inside pretty handmade bottle cozies, are a possibility for making ahead of time.

Pouches full of small items like office supplies, little toys, wrapped candies, hair accessories or lottery tickets are creative gifts that work well for emergency gift-giving.

The office supplies might be appreciated by co-workers you don’t know all that well.

The toys would be fun gifts for kids.

The wrapped candies would be great for just about anybody who isn’t diabetic or on a restricted diet.

The hair accessories would be nice for little girls, tweens or teens.

The lottery tickets, well, I normally think they’re a waste of money — but in the past I have had fun giving tickets to coworkers.

One year I bought 50 tickets and gave them out, one each, to 50 different co-workers.

I wish I could tell you that somebody hit the jackpot, but the results were not that exciting. One guy won $20; several other co-workers won additional tickets. Overall, the state of California was the biggest winner…but at least that idea neatly solved the problem of how I could get gifts for 50 co-workers on a tiny budget of only $50.

In the past I’ve experimented with maintaining a gift stash like the one I’m describing. In my experience, the stashed items that came in handiest were the baby projects. For whatever reason, I never seem to get much notice when a new baby is about to make an appearance. For that reason, I always try to keep a few baby projects on hand, or at least in progress, so I’m never caught empty handed. Preferably, it’s nice to have a mix that includes some baby boy projects, some baby girl projects, and some gender-neutral projects — just to cover your bases.

A Tip: It’s a good idea to wrap each gift that you stash ahead of time, but if you do, discreetly stick a post-it note to the package with a note reminding you about what’s inside. Be sure to remove the note before you give the gift to its final recipient!

I hope these ideas will help you avoid possible embarrassment, not to mention some of the biggest stress-creators that come along with holiday entertaining and gift-giving. Won’t it be nice to never again have to worry when long-lost relatives turn up on Christmas morning — because you will be able to gracefully grab appropriate gifts out of your stash to present to them?

Wishing you and yours all the best for a happy fall, followed by a happy holiday season this year.

Holiday Patterns to Knit and Crochet:

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