Valentine Gift Ideas for 2020

As a child, I adored Valentine’s Day. It delighted me to make paper Valentines for all the other children I knew.

As an adult, I haven’t outgrown my fondness for making Valentines. Nowadays I enjoy adding crocheted edgings to some of them, and putting other artistic touches on them as well. I find it satisfying to make lovely things to give to others, even small things like Valentine’s Day cards.

I’ve discovered that it’s even more fun to make Valentine gifts for my loved ones — or at least, to add handmade touches to my gifts at times when it isn’t practical to create an entire gift from scratch.

If you celebrate this holiday, and you plan on giving Valentine gifts this year, here are some ideas for things you can make:

Enclose Your Valentine’s Day Gift in a Heart-Shaped Pouch

Valentine Crochet Heart Pouch

Let’s say you want to give candy or some small item as a Valentine gift to a sweetheart, friend, or colleague. A heart-shaped pouch would be a fun way to package it.

This is one of those designs where you can really showcase your own creativity. There are many different ways you could decorate this pouch — so feel free to dress it up with appliques, beads, ribbons, buttons or whatever other pretty baubles your heart desires.

If your intended recipient is a guy and the heart idea isn’t quite right for this occasion, you could always choose another pouch design instead. Our list of pouch patterns has several guy-friendly options to consider.

Crocheted Hats for Him

Men's Slip Stitch Hat and Scarf Set

If your intended gift recipient is a guy, perhaps a crocheted hat would be a nice gift for him. The one pictured here is part of a hat and scarf set that I think is particularly nice for guys. It’s a bit of a time-consuming project, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a gift for casual acquaintances – but for the right guy, I think it’s worth spending the time on it. I can say that, having made the set for my own husband (although not specifically as a Valentine’s gift…) and he got significant, daily wintertime wear out of the hat for years before it got too shabby to make any more public appearances. Which reminds me that perhaps it’s time for me to begin making him another one…

Crocheted Jewelry for Her

If your intended gift recipient is a gal, jewelry might be a nice gift for her.

Valentine Flowers

There are all kinds of interesting things you can do with pretty crocheted flowers. You can attach them to hair accessories like headbands and hair clips. You can transform them into brooches or magnets. You can use them as embellishments on gift packages. Et-cetera!

More Valentine Ideas

Here’s a link to a list of free Valentine crochet and knitting patterns. The list includes bunches more ideas for interesting Valentine and heart-themed projects you can crochet. Happy crafting!

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Dressing Up for New Year’s Eve DIY Fashion Ideas for the First Holiday of the New Year

If you're dressing up for New Year's Eve this year, consider making a Gentle Whisper shawl like the design pictured here. This is the perfect bit of finery to pair with a cocktail dress or party dress.  The crochet pattern is by Judith Butterworth. This shawl is included in Delicate Crochet by Sharon Silverman, published by Stackpole Books.
If you’re dressing up for New Year’s Eve this year, consider making a Gentle Whisper shawl like the design pictured here. This is the perfect bit of finery to pair with a cocktail dress or party dress. The crochet pattern is by Judith Butterworth. This shawl is included in Delicate Crochet by Sharon Silverman, published by Stackpole Books.

Are you thinking of dressing up for New Year’s Eve this year? Do you want to whip up something unique and special to wear on this occasion? Here are a few ideas, with suggestions for patterns for knitting or crocheting each item.

Dressy Shawls and Wraps to Knit and Crochet for the Holidays

A lace wrap would look stunning worn overtop of a little black dress. There are so many incredible shawl and wrap options that it’s a challenge to choose just one to make and wear during the holiday season. I’m eyeing the choices available in Delicate Crochet as some of the most appealing possibilities for holiday apparel. The book offers you 8 different patterns for lacy shawls and wraps to crochet, plus bunches of other stylish, feminine apparel that would be perfect for holiday and everyday wear.

Pictured above is the wrap I think I’d most want to make for New Year’s Eve this year. It’s the “Gentle Whisper Shawl” by Judith Butterworth. I think it would be a gorgeous holiday wrap, yet it would also be wearable for many other occasions (and non-occasions) too.

Here you can see the Iced Silver Fox Top by Kristin Omdahl, which is another holiday-friendly pattern from Delicate Crochet. Stackpole Books is the publisher of this pattern book.
Here you can see the Iced Silver Fox Top by Kristin Omdahl, which is another holiday-friendly pattern from Delicate Crochet. Stackpole Books is the publisher of this pattern book.

But with so many fabulous shawl patterns available, it’s a tough choice. Of the 8 wrap patterns included in Delicate Crochet, my opinion is that 6 of the options are dressy enough for pairing with cocktail dresses and party dresses. If you were to stick with using the yarns suggested in each pattern, I think that the other 2 options are more casual than what you’d probably want to choose for New Year’s Eve, although they are lovely.

This one book gives you SO MANY fabulous options for holiday apparel beyond just wraps and shawls. Some of the other patterns included in the book are also holiday friendly — a lace skirt, dressy lace tops, a dazzling sequinned cardigan, a beaded necklace, lacy ribbon trimmed fingerless gloves and more.

If you’d rather knit your shawl than crochet it, check out Vogue Knitting’s collection of shawl and wrap patterns. The book includes patterns for making just about every imaginable type of knitted shawl or wrap you could want — including many styles that are appropriate for pairing with party dresses.

Jeweled Neck Warmer

Easy Crochet Neck Warmer Pattern for Beginners
Easy Crochet Neck Warmer Pattern for Beginners

I designed this easy, beginner-friendly neck warmer with the holiday season in mind. This piece is sort of like a cross between a necklace and a scarf; it’s warmer than a necklace would be, and it’s dressier than your average winter scarf. In fact, it’s dressy enough to wear out on New Year’s Eve, so if you are tired of freezing in the name of fashion, why not give this project a try.

Dressy Holiday Jewelry

Rose Chip Bead Necklace in Wire Crochet

This gorgeous necklace is lovely for accessorizing on any occasion that calls for a bit of sparkle. It’s a bit artsy and, I think, totally fabulous. It’s often a conversation-starter when I wear mine; people are typically fascinated by the dichroic glass pendant, and interested to learn that each one is unique and handmade.

If you’re spending your New Year’s Eve socializing with a rather conservative group, a pearl necklace might be a better choice in the jewelry department.

Whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve this year, I hope you will find something fabulous to wear — and that you’ll have SO MUCH FUN ringing in the new year! Here’s wishing you a prosperous, creative, JOYFUL 2020!

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Celebrate Winter by Crocheting Snowflakes Today Is the First Day of Winter!

Celebrate Winter by Crocheting Snowflakes! Grab This Free Pattern for a Winter Crochet Snowflake Applique
Celebrate Winter by Crocheting Snowflakes! Grab This Free Pattern for a Winter Crochet Snowflake Applique

This year, the first day of winter is today — December 21, 2019. Happy winter, everyone!

To me, nothing says “winter” quite like snowflakes. So here’s a free pattern for a winter snowflake applique that you can use for embellishing many different kinds of craft projects.

Crochet Snowflake Potholders
Crochet Snowflake Potholders

I’ve made this pattern bunches of times. So far, my favorite thing to do with this snowflake is using it as an embellishment for this snowflake potholder. It could also make a cute Christmas tree ornament; simply add a hanging loop made of chain stitches, or a purchased wire ornament hanger.

Find More Fantastic Crochet Snowflake Patterns:

If you want to get your hands on a whole bunch of amazing snowflake patterns, I recommend
Crochet Snowflakes Step by Step by Caitlin Sainio as a book you’ll want to check out. This book is exclusively dedicated to the topic of crochet snowflake patterns — and the book includes thorough step-by-step instructions for each snowflake, with pictures. Not only that, you also get international symbol crochet charts and written-out text instructions, too. It’s a lovely book!

Hexagon Motif #65 From Crochet Kaleidoscope by Sandra Eng, Published by Interweave. I've modified the pattern to add a hanging loop to transform it into a Christmas ornament. I've also recolored it in red, green and white Cascade 220 yarn.
Hexagon Motif #65 From Crochet Kaleidoscope by Sandra Eng, Published by Interweave. I’ve modified the pattern to add a hanging loop to transform it into a Christmas ornament. I’ve also recolored it in red, green and white Cascade 220 yarn.

Another book I highly recommend is Crochet Kaleidoscope by Sandra Eng. It isn’t at all supposed to be a book of snowflake patterns; it’s actually a library of crochet motif patterns, with a few more elaborate finished projects like a blanket, shawl, pillow and table runner also included. However, the book includes a whole section of hexagon motif patterns, and some of the hexagons included in the book make AWESOME snowflakes. Pictured at right, you can see one example. I’ve also crocheted this same motif in solid ice blue, which is another option for making this motif look like a snowflake. You can see the blue version pictured on this page.

This book also includes international symbol crochet charts for each project. This book was my most-used crochet pattern book last year in 2018, and I’m looking through this book again as I plan my new projects for 2020. I think you’ll LOVE it too!

I hope this post has pointed you in the direction of some lovely new snowflake patterns to crochet! Here’s wishing you and yours a blessed winter season this year.

Happy knitting and crocheting,

Amy Solovay

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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of cash before you run out of gifts you need to buy? That’s such a complete and total bummer, isn’t it?

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Make
Last-Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Make

Happily, for crafters who maintain a sizeable yarn stash and some related craft supplies, this sort of thing is almost a non-issue.

If crafting has taught me anything at all over the years, it’s this: if I have supplies left in my craft supply stash, and at least a couple of hours left before I have to present the gift to its recipient, I’ll never be empty-handed in the gift department. I’ll always have a gift worth giving, and it will be a gift created exclusively with the recipient in mind. (Except, I admit that I sometimes make a few extra give-to-anybody-type-gifts ahead of any gift-giving occasion, in case an unexpected long-lost relative or guest drops by for a visit.)

We’re getting dangerously close to Christmas, given that today’s date is December 16, 2019. I’d bet money that, by now, some of you have exhausted your gift-giving budgets, but you’re still stressing out about about what to give somebody-or-other. Yikes!

I’m here to help you with some suggestions for last-minute gifts you can make using supplies that most knitters and crocheters would typically have on hand.

Gift-Worthy Projects You Can Whip Up in a Hurry:

If you need to crank out a quick gift, hurry up and grab any of these free patterns from the Internet. Then raid your craft supply stash and get busy!

Quick Christmas Ornaments

See that cute little Christmas tree-shaped ornament pictured at bottom left in the photo posted above? You don’t need anything fancy to make this — the pattern is free on our website, plus you need a little green yarn, a little brown or tan yarn, some stuffing material, and a few buttons or beads for decorations. If you don’t have any buttons or beads, you could try cutting out some little felt or fabric circles to stitch to the tree. Or embroider some little ornaments using colorful yarn, embroidery floss or crochet thread.

This is a reasonably safe idea for a gift, considering that anyone who celebrates Christmas could probably use an ornament.

An even quicker ornament: this easy lace crochet wreath is super quick to make, and it’s really pretty, too. If you have a little ball of green yarn left over from another project, you have most of what’s needed to make this project. You’ll also need ribbon and a scrap of red yarn, or other appropriate baubles for decorating your wreath.

Another idea along the same lines: this cute little wreath ornament is another quickie gift idea — although it’s small, so you might want to make a coordinating set of several wreaths to put in the same gift box.


Pouches make fast, easy gifts (not to mention that they make fantastic giftwrap substitutes, if you run out of actual giftwrap.) The only potential problem with that idea is, you might not have the right zippers in your craft supplies stash — but if you do, this idea is definitely a keeper.

You can give pouches to people of either gender and any age; just customize the pouch accordingly. Bonus points if you can add a few goodies to the pouch, like wrapped candies, small toys, pencils or pens, to “sweeten” the gift.

Potholders and Kitchen Gift Sets:

If you have some appropriate yarn and a few hours, you can whip up sets of potholders, or kitchen gift sets, for the chefs on your gift list. If you happen to have red, green and white or off-white yarn in either wool or cotton, you could make cupcake potholders like the one pictured. No need to have these colors specifically, though. If you have any 3 – 4 cupcake-friendly colors of yarn on hand, you could re-color the design to use what you have.

You have a head-spinning number of options for different potholders you could make, so please check out our list of potholder patterns if this idea appeals to you.


For the ladies on your gift list, jewelry makes a great gift. Bracelets, especially, are pretty quick to make, and don’t use up many supplies.

Christmas Cookies:

If you’re a passable chef, Christmas cookies are a no-brainer as a last-minute gift. If you have a well-stocked pantry, you can usually find a cookie recipe that’ll work. Even if your pantry isn’t all that well-stocked, look for a sugar cookie recipe that doesn’t require much more than flour, sugar, butter, salt, eggs and a flavoring like almond or vanilla.

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it! I hope you will enjoy every minute of your holiday.

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Afghan Stitch Bracelet in Wire Crochet Free Crochet Pattern and Instructions

Afghan Stitch Bracelet in Wire Crochet
Afghan Stitch Bracelet in Wire Crochet

I enjoy messing around with different crochet techniques.

Tunisian crochet is one of my favorites. It’s fascinating to explore the infinite possibilities for working in this technique, which has been handed down to us from times past. My vintage crochet books include cryptic instructions for many different Tunisian crochet stitches, including the afghan stitch and others.

I also find wire crochet endlessly fascinating. I’ve completed quite a few projects in this technique. While I don’t find it relaxing to work in this technique, I do usually love the results.



OK, maybe that’s not entirely accurate. Make that sometimes. Sometimes I love the results.

The thing is, wire crochet is not always the ideal technique for perfectionists. If you find it satisfying to crochet nice, neat, precise, evenly spaced stitches, you may find wire crochet a bit disappointing. While it’s technically possible to crochet evenly using wire, in practice it is pretty darned difficult to do.

This is one reason why I love the results sometimes, and sometimes not.

When working in yarn, I’ve practiced the afghan stitch to the point that I’m technically proficient at working it; I’m able to make a pretty tidy fabric using the stitch.

When I tried working the afghan stitch in wire, however, all of that went right out the window.

In the picture above, you can see my first attempt at working the afghan stitch using wire. I crocheted a small sample strip of the stitch using copper craft wire, which I then transformed into a beaded bracelet.

I think this design is pretty, and it has significant potential — although I’m not entirely happy with my first attempt. I’ve concluded that it would take more practice for me to produce a piece that’s up to my usual standards.

If you’d like to read more about my experiences with making this bracelet, and the techniques I’ve used to complete it, I invite you to take a look at the free bracelet pattern and instructions that I have shared.

If you’re new to the wire crochet technique, this is NOT a good starter project; I’d recommend trying this beaded wire crochet napkin ring first. That project is much easier than this one is.

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Make Christmas Napkin Rings With These Free Crochet Patterns

If there’s ever a time that you want to set a pretty table, it’s Christmas dinner. The table sets the mood for the entire meal; you want it to look amazing for your loved ones, not to mention for the family photos (especially if you’ll be posting them online.)

There are many possible ways to pretty up your table, and many different elements that could enhance you table settings and make them spectacular.

Christmas Place Setting With Beaded Napkin Ring, Crochet Placemat and Beautiful Crocheted Edgings
Christmas Place Setting With Beaded Napkin Ring, Crochet Placemat and Beautiful Crocheted Edgings

Of course, if you have a set of fine china or holiday dishes, it’s the ideal time to get them out and put them to use. Christmas is also the ideal occasion for using a pretty tablecloth or table runner. If you own a beautiful vase, it would be lovely to fill it with flowers and create a unique centerpiece.

And once you’ve done all that, you’d feel pretty silly putting paper towels on the table to use as napkins, wouldn’t you? Of course you would.

This realization could lead you down a whole new rabbit hole: How do you fold the napkins and keep them in place?

The answer, of course, is that you’ll want to use napkin rings to do that.

For you DIY types who like to make creative pretties to dress up your home decor, I invite you to consider the following free patterns for crafting your own napkin rings:

If you like the idea of making napkin rings, but the ones pictured above aren’t quite what you have in mind for your table, you’re invited to check out this list of 16 ways to make napkin rings. The list includes bunches more ideas, some of which involve craft techniques other than knitting or crocheting.

More Ideas for Christmas Table Settings

I wish you a joyous holiday season this year, filled with peace, love, light, creativity and blessings.

Crochet a Ladies’ Scarf for Christmas

Crochet a Ladies' Scarf for Christmas
Crochet a Ladies’ Scarf for Christmas

Want to crochet a ladies’ scarf for Christmas? If so, you have zillions of possible choices — but the one pictured here is a particularly lovely choice. It’s totally gift worthy. And if you celebrate Christmas, this cheerful scarf could be a fantastic addition to your own wardrobe, too.

For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas — and even for those of you who do — a quick color change would transform this scarf into an everyday design you could wear any time. You might prefer to crochet it in colors that match a favorite outfit, or a favorite sports team’s colors. There are many possibilities. I crocheted a couple of other versions in different holiday-themed colors.

The free crochet pattern is available here on our website, along with many other similar and not-so-similar patterns that might also be of interest. I invite you to browse through our pattern library to find a variety of different options for future crochet projects you’ll enjoy.

Thanks so much for your visit to today!

A Festive Flower Motif to Crochet for Christmas or Any Time Get the Free Crochet Flower Pattern and Tutorial Right Here on Our Website

A Festive Flower Motif to Crochet for Christmas or Any Time
A Festive Flower Motif to Crochet for Christmas or Any Time — Red Wool Crocheted Flower With Ribbon Bow – Click this Photo to See the Free Crochet Pattern for this Crocheted Flower

I’ve crocheted this flower what seems like zillions of different times now, and each time I’ve enjoyed finding different ways to embellish it. One of my favorite ideas so far is this simple and pretty ribbon bow, which I attached to the front of the flower with sewing thread and a few discreet stitches.

I crocheted this flower in red wool yarn; I’m thinking a red wool flower makes a nice embellishment for a lot of different projects, and would have multiple uses during the upcoming holidays. When December rolls around, it could be used for Christmas items, and then when February comes it could also double as a Valentine accent too.

crocheted flower with ribbon, free crochet patterns, crocheting flowers, free craft ideas, tutorial

Crocheting Bracelets Using Wire

Bracelets are reasonably quick projects to crochet, and I love them because they allow for so much easy experimentation — with materials, colors, textures and forms.

Wire Lace Cuff Bracelet -- Free Wire Crochet Pattern

I find that wire crochet bracelets are particularly interesting to experiment with. There are so many different ways you can make them. The wire, being stiff, can be sculpted in different ways if you like; and when you crochet with it, a sort of magic happens. It’s almost like creating a delightful fusion of lace and metalwork; the two disparate crafts intertwine and become one. Add beads to the mix, and the results are even more spectacular.

Pictured here are a couple of wire crochet bracelets that I’ve posted online, along with free patterns in case you’d like to crochet some similar pieces. The bracelet shown above is a wire cuff bracelet crocheted in Christmas colors. I adore its lacy look.

The bracelet shown at lower right is one of my latest beaded wire crochet projects. This design is crafted using wire, red coral beads, jasper stone beads, and glass beads. If you don’t already know how to make one of these, no worries, you can learn how to do it — for free! The free bracelet pattern is available right here on our website for you to use.

DIY Southwestern Turquoise and Red Coral Wire Crochet Bracelet Pattern

I’m showing you these particular bracelets because I think they are both nice designs for Christmas, which is coming up soon; it’ll be here before you know it. If you’d like to make yourself some pretty holiday baubles, these would be lovely to whip up for wearing to any upcoming holiday parties or gatherings. If these designs aren’t quite what you have in mind, our list of free jewelry patterns offers even more options. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through them.

You may also want to take a peek at our wire crochet patterns, which include both jewelry and other projects.

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A Cute Christmas Tree Decoration to Crochet

A Cute Christmas Tree Decoration to Crochet
A Cute Christmas Tree Decoration to Crochet

Here’s a fun needlework project idea for those of you who celebrate Christmas. It’s a cute Christmas tree decoration to crochet.

You could use this little Christmas tree as an ornament or a door hanger. (If you want to make it a door hanger, just be sure to make the hanging loop long enough to fit over the doorknob where you want to hang it.)

This project is made by crocheting and joining two easy Christmas tree shapes that you can make using our free symbol crochet chart and pattern.

This is a quick crochet project with a lot of creative potential. You’re invited to grab the free chart and ornament pattern from our website, and give this project a try.

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