Revised and Updated Edging Pattern: Use It on More Than Just Towels

Crochet Edging Pattern for Use on Towels, Sheets, Linens and More
Crochet Edging Pattern for Use on Towels, Sheets, Linens and More

I originally designed this edging pattern to be used for finishing off a 14″ wide hand towel. Great, but what if your towels are slightly different sizes? Or what if you wanted to use that edging on bath towels? Or sheets and pillowcases? The way I originally wrote the pattern, you were outta luck — unless you either used the exact same size of towel, or messed around with your gauge in a hit-or-miss fashion, or wanted to do a whole. bunch. of. MATH! Yikes.

I knew that those things would be issues even as I was publishing the pattern, but I was on a tight schedule with deadlines for the site where the pattern was originally published. I didn’t have the time it would have taken to adequately expand and test the pattern then. Still, I had it in my head that at some point I would go back and revise the pattern to make it much more flexible and include many more options. Well, that time has come.

You can now use the pattern for finishing much more than just 14″ hand towels. You can now use it on any straight flat edge, and on some curved edges as well. The only thing I haven’t done yet: given it a corner, which would make it suitable for use on blankets and similar rectangular / square linens. I may get to that eventually, but for now, I hope you’ll enjoy the latest update.

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