Teardrop-Shaped Wire Crochet Earrings Get the Free Crochet Earring Pattern Online

Teardrop Wire Crochet Earrings
Teardrop Wire Crochet Earrings — A Free Crochet Pattern Is Available Online for This Design

Kara Gunza designed these chic wire crochet earrings. These look like they would be such an interesting project to crochet. First, you use wire to crochet small, lacy metal strips. Then you roll the strips into tube-shaped pieces, and then you form them into teardrop-shaped outlines that dangle from ear wires when they are finished. I think this is a pretty clever design — simple and sophisticated — and this look would easily work into most ladies’ wardrobes. These should go with just about anything.

I find this pattern really inspiring. It seems to me that, if you want to apply a little creativity to this sort of project, it would be reasonably easy to create other wire shapes besides just teardrops. It might be fun to play with — but if you’re not feeling creative like that, the original teardrop design is certainly lovely.

The free wire crochet earring pattern is available on Kara’s website, Petals to Picots.

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