Small Round Beaded Wire Crochet Earrings A Free Crochet Pattern Is Available Online for This Design

Small Round Beaded Wire Crochet Earrings
Small Round Beaded Wire Crochet Earrings by Kara Gunza. The Free Crochet Pattern Is Posted at the Petals to Picots Website.

Kara Gunza designed these little beaded wire crochet earrings. They are a smaller version of her previous design, these beaded wire crochet medallion earrings; Kara wanted to make mother-daughter jewelry, and this was an ideal approach for that objective. The larger medallion earrings are lovely and sophisticated accessories for grownup ladies, but they could be a bit overwhelming for tweens, young teens or younger girls to wear.

This smaller design is a lovely choice for teens, and it’s also suitable for petite women or anyone who doesn’t want to wear jewelry that is overly bold or attention-grabbing. The earrings make lovely, subtle accents, and add a touch of sparkle near your face without screaming “look at me!” At the same time, they are quite chic and stylish — and they’ll go with just about anything, depending on the bead and wire colors you use.

I definitely think Kara has designed a winner here, and I suspect many of you will be making your own versions of these lovely small beaded wire crochet earrings.

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This page was last updated on 2-14-2018.

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