Jewelry Free Jewelry Patterns to Crochet and Knit

There are bunches of techniques you can use for handcrafting jewelry, and an abundance of interesting jewelry patterns available. With so many possibilities, it might not even have occurred to you that crochet and knitting are viable DIY jewelry-making techniques. However, once you see the gorgeous jewelry projects you can crochet and knit, we hope you’ll be excited to add these techniques to your jewelry-making skillset.

Crochet Jewelry-Making Projects

Crochet Necklaces:

Thread Crochet Necklace Patterns

Fabric Crochet Necklaces

Easy Fabric Crochet Necklaces
Easy Fabric Crochet Necklaces

Easy Fabric Crochet Necklaces With Beads or Pendants

When you think of fabric crochet, you probably associate it with time-consuming projects like rag rugs — but it doesn’t have to be that way. This project is an easy, low-commitment introduction to the fabric crochet technique.

Wire Crochet Necklace Patterns

Wire and beads coordinate beautifully, and they’re lovely materials to use for crocheting necklaces.

Crochet Bracelets

Wire Crochet Bracelet Patterns

The bracelets pictured below are crocheted using wire, beads and other jewelry findings:

Crochet Earrings

Wire Crochet Earring Patterns

So there you have it: Our picks for amazing DIY jewelry projects you can make. We hope you found some outstanding jewelry patterns to add to your pattern stash.

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This page was last updated on 1/28/2018.

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