Fingerless Gloves

Do you find gloves and mittens frustrating, because they limit the way you’re able to use your hands? I sure do. However, I’ve realized that there’s no need to feel all that frustration. There’s a simple solution: fingerless gloves (otherwise known as “fingerless mitts,” “texting gloves,” or “wrist warmers.”)

The best part: fingerless gloves tend to be really easy crochet and knitting projects. Of course, that isn’t universally true — if you’re interested in a project that’s not so easy, you’ll find that those are definitely available too. But in my experience, it’s dreamy to not have to mess around with working (and fitting!) each finger like you would have to do if you wanted to make a traditional glove.

If you’d like to crochet or knit a pair of fingerless gloves, I invite you to browse through the patterns I’ve included in the list below.

1. Free Crochet Pattern for Rainbow Fingerless Gloves

Crochet Rainbow Wrist Warmers: FREE PATTERN
Crochet Rainbow Wrist Warmers: FREE PATTERN

Pattern Details:

  • A Free Crochet Pattern is available for this design.
  • Crochet Skill Level: Easy.

2. Beginner’s Treble Crochet Wrist Warmers

I designed this crochet pattern specifically with beginners in mind, although of course you don’t have to be a beginner to enjoy it or find it useful.

This pattern exists because I wanted to give beginners a pattern for learning, and practicing, the treble crochet stitch.

While nowadays I do enjoy swatching, I remember back to the time when I was a new crocheter. In those days, I often felt much impatience to dispense with swatches and get on with making an actual project.

If you’re a beginner, this pattern gives you the opportunity to transform your first pieces of treble crochet into useful items. And if you aren’t a beginner, you surely don’t need the practice — but if you enjoy the treble crochet stitch you’ll no doubt enjoy the process of crocheting these mitts regardless of your more advanced skill level.

Pattern Details:

  • A Free Crochet Pattern is available for this design.
  • Crochet Skill Level: Beginner.

About the Author: Amy Solovay is a freelance writer with a background in textile design. She has been crocheting and crafting since childhood, and knitting since she was a teenager. Her work also appears at, and Amy sends out a free knitting and crochet newsletter so interested crafters can easily keep up with her new patterns and tutorials. If you’re already an Instagram user, Amy also invites you to follow her on Instagram.

This page was last updated on 6-22-2019.

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